The process of editing…and a little vacation time.

I’m reformatting the novel again!  The size of my font seems to be too big for some reason. It’s standard Times Roman 12, so I made it 11, for I would hate to have my readers squint their eyes just to read the text, including me.  My eyes are just not the same anymore, but the novel was just too long.  How did 376 pages become 477?  :/  When I changed the font, certain character thoughts that were in italics had become not italicized, and I had to go through and redo them again, which is a pain.  I’m almost done.  I’ll then copy what I have in MS Word to Scrivener, so I can start re-reading and re-editing finally.

Contacted two freelance editors, but none have returned my emails.  One did reply and I sent back a response, but I have not heard from her.  I’m assuming she’s very busy due to the holidays.  I can wait a little longer, but once I come back from my vacation, I’ll get right back to work.

I love the Scrivener program I have, because I can set the pages for the novel to cover the whole computer screen.  It’s a good feature when you just want to focus on editing and block out everything else.  I’ll be out though for six days, starting Friday, since I’ll be in New York.  Will try to tweet now and then, so look out for that.  Six days without my laptop is like torture…for I’m always thinking of new ideas or what I need to revise.  Anyway, I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow, cleaning and preparing for the trip out of town.  Will keep you posted once I return!


4 thoughts on “The process of editing…and a little vacation time.

  1. Eek. I hate knowing — or just being — without a computer or access to writing tools for an extended period.

    I changed the font and size of the text in my MS multiple times. I settled on Garamond 12. I also feel your pain with the italics disappearing. It’s hard going back over and remembering what you wanted to highlight at the time.

    • Exactly! I feel strange without my computer, I end up not knowing what to do if I can’t revise or write something down. I sometimes carry a notebook, but I need to get smaller ones that are not so wide to carry.

      I don’t know why MS Word did that, because I’m usually good with writing programs, but I think it had to do with the template I downloaded at CreateSpace… if I cut something out, the format for the book is ruined. So, it’s just a slow process. Thank you for commenting by the way. I really like your blog! Will be checking it out every now and then, it has great information. 🙂 Anyway, feel free to drop on by and visit me sometime!

      • Thank you for checking out my blog. I subscribed to yours so I can stay up to date with your progress.

        You can check out my editing and about page if you want any help with editing or formatting your novel. I’m a Professional Writing and Editing student. I’ve completed my Novel and specialist Editing subjects so far. And I’m constantly reading fiction and fiction-writing guides.

        Good luck! 🙂

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