Finally getting some writing done. Trilogy is still a work in progress!

I’ve never felt so good before, but I just finished a chapter today after so long of not writing.  In total, 7 pages.  I know that’s not a lot, but it’s getting there slowly.  Will be writing more until the crack of dawn.  It’s been like forever now!  I’ll keep this post very short, since this is mostly an update.  Even though my trilogy is nearly 500 pages it is no where done.  I have most of the first and second act completed, however, what concerns me the most is the third act due to so many timelines.  I’ve had to cut so much of the third act I have a possible fourth installment… but that’ll be in my closet for a couple more years though, until I can sort things out.

Anyway, my trilogy just seems to grow more and more  I’m trying to make my chapters a little bit longer.  Some of them are just really short to me while others are pretty damn long (and may need some trimming).  However, I may end up keeping the scenes per chapter.  If they’re separated in one chapter this will weed out any confusion later on if two events are happening in the same chapter at different times.  I do go over some of the events in the last previous books from different angles; however, I can’t go over everything for it’s becoming a bit tedious to keep everyone’s history all in check.  Will try to focus on the most interesting of scenes and go into more depth.  I do have an ending, but I do not know how this story will end, for many characters are connected to the final outcome.

I have been thinking for a while that I may just cut out all the scenes that do not deal with my main character and leave them in for another book OR I could have the first act deal with some of the events leading up to what happened and then have the second act with my main character while the third act has a little bit of both character history and final outcome.

This will be a challenge keeping everything in logical order that makes sense, plot-wise that is.  Will most certainly keep you updated on whether or not I finish this trilogy.  Have a goodnight! 🙂


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