Revision Update: Will be revising soon.

Well, I just got word from my freelance editor that I will be getting my manuscript soon in a matter of hours or another day from now.  I’ll be receiving half of my manuscript (50,000 words) either tomorrow or Saturday.  This is great news indeed!  I’m so eager to get started on it.  So, I’ll probably be going to bed early tonight.  I need plenty of rest before the big day.  Eventually, I’ll be sending her the remaining pages of my manuscript as well.  However, I’d rather work on half of it first and get that out of the way while I wait.

After the 31 pages, I’ve written nothing new.  Writing for the trilogy has stopped for now, because I’ll be focusing on editing/revising for quite some time.  I might as well begin on it early without any further delays.  The sooner, the better, I always say.  I can’t wait to be done with it.  My hands have been acting up a bit, but that’s because I haven’t been giving myself any breaks lately.

For two days, I’ve been so busy trying to get all my blogs and sites (in-synced) and running, I forgot to go to bed.  I went to bed like 6 am yesterday.  This is no joke!  I was so consumed with fixing all the blogs that my friends had to tell me to go to bed.  As you can see I have some new features on this blog now.  I have installed a chatroom if anyone is interested in having open discussions about the book (s) or if they have any questions they’d like me to answer in the next post.  Feel free to ask me anything as long as it’s not too personal.  I hope that one day, there will be enough people coming here just to chat.  It’ll be good to see that kind of activity.  In addition, my facebook fan page is open to the public.  Just think of it as another personal blog actually.  Maybe eventually it’ll be a fan page…I dunno.  I may be pushing my luck on that one.

I’m a bit anxious about what my freelance editor will say.  I’m curious to know what parts she liked or what parts she didn’t like…the suspense is killing me.  I really do hope that this post (once I click publish) will go to my other accounts though.  I’d hate to spend several more hours fixing it again.  Facebook gave me quite the headache as I was trying to figure out what kind of page I should create.  I had to delete multiple blogs for clicking one time suddenly gave me two to four websites I really didn’t need.  I went for one little blog instead.  All my updated posts will go in this order:  WordPress, then possibly Twitter, then Tumblr, then facebook to myspace… and then maybe to twitter again.  I’m really not liking the double posts though.  So, please bare with me as I try to get all these little blogs linked up into one big organized blog.

Tomorrow, I won’t be doing any typing or writing until I get half of my revisions back.  I’ll pay my editor the rest of the $62.50 and then we’ll go again from there.  In the back of my mind; however, I’m having some serious thoughts.  I’m going through a lot of real life issues right now.  It’s hard to stay focus when things are becoming difficult, since I’m still having problems finding a job.  I’m really trying hard not to think about these negative thoughts.  I want to stay focused on my novel and strive to work on these revisions.  Chiipo will soon have the final sketch of Rue done as well in a matter of days, which I’m excited to see.  When I saw her first drawing, I was just so happy to see it.  Ten or eleven years ago, I probably didn’t imagine getting this far in my book, but here I am.

I took a risk and did what most people didn’t do.  Now, I’m taking another risk and this time it’s with self-publishing.  I’ve always kind of figured self-publishing was the route I was going into, for searching for traditional publishers was more like finding a tiny diamond in the sand.  And then when I did finally find an agent, I was automatically rejected, but politely though.  I have to admit, it was a nice letter compared to getting nothing at all or a simple “rejected” stamp posted on the front.  I think having the freedom to pick and choose works best for me.  Also, I really didn’t like people telling me what to do with my novels, I know that sounds kind of bad.  In no way am I being egotistical, I’ve always followed or did what was right.  My writing teachers always told me what to fix or what to take out, which I agreed with them in many ways.

For example… changing my experimental novel into a mainstream book that’s likely to sell more does not work for me.  I remember one editor who didn’t even read my story told me that certain chapters serves no real purpose and that all of it must be taken out. 😐  First of all, she never read the novel.  So, what would she know about it?  I remember another person told me to change my title simply because it sounded too odd.  My title is what it is.  I don’t think changing my title is going to fix the actual story, but oh well.  You guys get the hint.

Anyway folks, it’s past my bedtime.  Have a goodnight! 😀

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