Quick Update: Trimming a book is harder than it looks!

Well, I finished stage #1 of editing!  Yay!  😀 And I did it all within the first two days too.  However, I still have stage 2, 3, and possibly 4 to go.  It’s not only the editing I have to do, but it looks like I need to cut out a lot of unnecessary scenes. Apparently, I have the ability to ramble.  What a surprise. 😐  So, I may have to change up a few things.  I know I have the tendency to drag on sometimes, but I love writing way too much.  However, I’m willing to try (I’m saying this term loosely) to cut my story as much as I can.

I have to say that I love my original story the best so far, for it was much shorter (only 254 pages) compared to this new revised version, which is 378 pages.  The only bad thing about the original is that no one could follow it.  Some people loved it and had a lot of “What the Hell?!” kind of moments, but the majority of readers had a hard time following the story.  It was a nonlinear storyline, which is difficult to pull off.

For the most part, my revised novel is linear, although the first part…not so much.  My novel is broken into 3 parts to help with some of the major transitions.  There’s a Prologue, Part I, and Part II.  I also have one poem in each of the books that relates to the character’s thoughts and feelings.  I’d like to have my novel between 300-350 pages.  Having it less than 300 is pushing it though, I fear.  Also, I hate to be a bore, but the first novel isn’t completely horror.  Yes, it’s more suspenseful!  But it’s not like slash them up kind of horror.  It’s more psychological.  Actually, all the books have something in them that (I hope) will make readers think in a good way. Hopefully, not the opposite…but I probably might be on the rejection list, regardless of what I do to correct the problem.

Anyhoo, I’ve decided to put dates on the journal entries to make the timeline make sense in some of the nonlinear sections.  It’s hard deciding where to cut out these scenes though, because my characters are in no way super heroes.  I’ve tried to make my characters as realistic as possible and they are all seriously flawed just like ordinary people.  I want the situations to be believable, because at a certain point things may get a bit complicated.  I don’t know what I’ll do eventually.

I don’t want to cut out too much and have a shallow/vague story with no depth.  In addition, I don’t want to have a story drag on for pages and pages to the point that readers give up on the whole thing.  This is part of a series.  I hate leaving a story on a cliffhanger, I really do.  My ending does have some conclusion to it; however, it is still open-ended enough for people to question what may happen in the final outcome.  Readers will not know the entire story from beginning to end, even if they think they know it.

I want some kind of mystery to it…I hate stories that give away too much and then at the end, you’re like “I KNEW IT!”  I don’t have that.  I’m hoping that readers will want to know what will happen next and be patient enough to continue.  I hope they’ll be able to like and connect with the characters long enough to want to read further.  I can only do so much cutting.

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