Updates and More: So much to do, so little time!

I’ve been extremely busy!  So busy that I need to do this now before I forget.  The 1st artist who had recently finished Rue has suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth.  This is the last time/post I mention her.  I’m sure she’s got another account somewhere, but I’m so happy that I received my final colored Rue Chang!  So very relieved that she did that piece for me, before she decided to delete her account suddenly.  Thank you God!  I paid her upfront and she could’ve just got up and walked away.

This is why I find the internet so problematic sometimes, because you’re not dealing with someone face-to-face. Still… she could’ve done that in real life too, it can go both ways, but at least I’d have a face to remember her by and could probably track her down.  However, I don’t see myself going to court over the loss of $25 dollars or any amount of money.  Even though $20 (+ $5 for a background) isn’t much, I think with my experience if anyone had back stabbed me, I’d probably report them everywhere on the web.  Anyway, thank you chiipo for all your hard work. You’re lucky I didn’t hunt you down, but all is forgiven.  🙂

I found a better artist Nicoy, who is more experienced and has a track record I can follow. I’ll show you his sketch in a minute.  In addition, I have an old 2009 drawing that a friend of mine colored in for me.  I had a hard time finding her, since I had closed down my old account at DA.  Today, I finally found her!  She still has the collaboration up in her gallery.  Thank God!  I’ve been so lucky these past few weeks, despite the ups and downs of editing.

Even better news!  I have finally trimmed down my novel to a nice 342 pages!  Of course, I do have a title, dedication page, credits, etc which is like 12 additional pages.  So in total my book is 354 pages, just 100 pages more than the original which was 254.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Who knew cutting 24 pages would be what I needed?

Although I’ve trimmed it, the editing is nowhere complete as of yet. Not to mention, after I finish polishing 50,000 words, I have to send out the other half (50,000 words) to my freelance editor.  I’ve done some editing on the sidelines, so I’m thinking the original word count will be less, for I haven’t sent her the other half as of yet.  Not until Feb. 5th.  Hopefully, she’ll have it done by the 11th.

Anyhow, I’ll also add some of the sketches from the previous artist I worked with.  I’ll give her credit for she still did an amazing job capturing Rue’s likeness.  Here’s a slideshow.  Enjoy! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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