Stage 2 of Editing! Soon to be Final Stage…

Well, I stayed up all night and morning editing chapters 1-11.  Didn’t go to bed until 4.  So, if this post doesn’t make much sense that’s the reason why.  Just got up and going to look over the remaining 20 something chapters left.  All day I’ll be editing.

Yesterday was interesting…I couldn’t get past the 1st chapter.  I find the first chapter the hardest to get through, because it needed to be perfect, not to mention some trimming was in order.  I don’t think I’d call it extensive revising, more like reworking the bugs that need to be fixed. I had my computer read chapter 1 like a zillion times that it actually stopped speaking at one point.  When it got darker and darker outside, I was like “I need to move on.”  Glad I did!  Not only that but my neighbors decided to play nothing but loud music all night. It was insane.  I had to stop at some point (even though I had headphones on), because I was getting a headache.  My walls were vibrating/shaking due to the blaring noise outside. I am so not joking right now. 😐

I’m still finding mistakes, which is good and bad.  I even found misspellings that I didn’t even know I had…this is kinda scary.  Words that are commonly misspelled is a serious error for many authors, who are thinking about self-publishing.  Check out a list!  Not only that, but terminology that I thought made sense, I had to question it.  I decided to look up a few of the terms I’m using.  Now, grant it, I don’t have a lot of big words in this novel, but I found out one or two terms that I had in a sentence used in the wrong way.  So, that’s bad.  I changed them.  Hopefully, they make sense now.  They better make sense ’cause I’m not going back.

I’m questioning every word, every comma, and every sentence piece by piece. Especially hyphenations! They change all the time! This is a lot of work. However, after I fixed these mistakes I’m finding certain sections or parts I actually enjoy reading. Who would have thought?!

Though for some readers, I dunno… they may either hate it or love it. Some people have ADD and others don’t.  I do hope the readers with ADD will read in between the lines for this first book. When I print out my sequel and trilogy, there will be no major explanations and it’ll go straight into the juicy parts and disturbing sequences that they might be left wondering what they were reading in the first place. I’d love to see their faces after reading that. 😀

I love that I’m seeing the (little bread crumbs) clues I left behind and I’m hoping readers will see them too. The dates are still tricky though, but I keep telling myself this is fiction. I don’t give a damn if someone breaks down my timeline and says this couldn’t happen. First of all, I used a calender, so I know the dates, the times, the seasons, and I know what day it occurred on. 2.) They must have a lot of time on their hands and 3.)  it’s still not real, that’s why it’s called fiction.  There are some true events that take place. I wanted those to be realistic, but everything else is fake.

Other than that, some of the chapters are smooth sailing. I’m lucky that I’m seeing these mistakes now, due to my freelance editor; she helped me realize how very important revising is and I now see my novel objectively.  I know that’s hard to understand, because I’ve been so attached to this story.  But I’m getting sick of editing.  I really am.  This stage 2 of editing the first half may be my last for I have fixed what I think are the last last errors.  Now, it’s never going to be perfect and I do have the next few days to look over it again, but I’m thinking this is it.

I’m reaching a breaking point here and I need to move on. Once I get back the last half of my novel, I’m thinking within a week it will hopefully be done, once I get through to it.  I’ll spend all day and night going over it.  I really want to see what my book will look like printed out though.  I’m eager to actually see the cover, the interior pages, and so and actually read it as though I’ve never read it before.  As a reader myself, I’d like to see if I’d enjoy a story like this despite it’s a little different than most mainstream books.

I think once I see it in book format, I may be able to see the additional mistakes that need tweaking before the final book is printed out.  Right now, I’m not looking forward to editing.  I’m trying to make it fun, but it’s hard when it’s a lot of work to go over. I know I need to do this, and my friends are kind of worried if they’ll ever see me again, which is why I need to get this post out of the way, so everyone knows I’m still alive and well.

I just don’t know if I can do another stage of editing for the first half of my manuscript.  I feel like I’ve been through it all before, which is funny because it was only a few days ago since I checked out my editor’s feedback/comments.  Or it seems like a few days…it could’ve been a week for all I know.  Time sure goes by quick! I need to remember that nicoy, my artist will soon be done with the first sketch, so that’s $25 I have to pay him.  I’ll be owing him a total of $115 for 5 characters.  Then, I still have $125 remaining to pay off my editor. And I haven’t even started on the printing of the book yet.  My money just seems to go out the window these days.  Thankfully, all the bills are paid for.  Thank you God!

In addition, I just hate wasting more ink on this book. My printer is a good printer, but last time it went pretty nuts printing out about 100 or more pages.  Even my settings somehow got messed up and I’m usually resourceful when it comes to printing on paper, using both sides and smaller font sizes.  But no, my printer wasn’t cooperating and decided to print out whatever it wanted to.  How strange technology is supposed to make our lives easier and instead end up wasting our time instead?  I’ll print out the last half of my manuscript next month and that’s it.

I’m not printing out any more pages after this. From now on, Createspace is doing everything for me.

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