The Horror! This Trilogy is giving me a headache…

Well, I got the revised drawing of Stephan today. Yay! I’ll be getting the colored version soon and another black and white version of Rue Chang.  A nice clean line-art to put inside my book.  I’d love to put these colored drawings Art by Nicoyin my novel, but having color will be very expensive.

If I do decide to make a special edition or make posters, I’ll surely use these once again.  I’d like to use them as book covers; however, I think people would assume the book is manga, which it’s not.  Maybe later on in the future if I decide to continue working with Nicoy, I may eventually develop a graphic novel. That’ll be awesome!

Anyway, back to some of my main problems with the trilogy.  After a certain point in my book, I can’t seem to figure out what order I should place chapters. Unlike the other two novels, I have 4 parts, not 3.

The timeline is another factor.  So much happens within a short time period it feels as though it’s becoming rushed.  I’ve decided to put many of my scenes together in one chapter, but may later regret it, for they don’t all happen on the same day or time.  However, I don’t want to have another 600 pages, so I’m trying to trim as much as I can.

The dates are just there for anyone who may get lost. Some have no significance at this point, since I really don’t care right now. I’m only focused on getting this done. There are some dates that are meaningful and others not so much.  It’s getting too tedious now, but I’m trying to use my calendar as best as I can to make sure some dates aren’t overlapping. Once again, the dates bring in some sort of realism, but also it just serves those who might end up getting lost way too easily.  However, there will come a point where I’m just like “To Hell with it!”

I’m trying to make sure certain scenes match up with the previous ones, so there’s some kind of logic to them. Also, I’m deciding if I should cut out some of the more graphic, disturbing scenes… I don’t want them to serve as only shock value. They lead to the final results of many characters’ deaths.  These are consequences due to people’s past mistakes or crimes and I feel it does them justice. But then again, I’m thinking is too much enough. So, I’ll see if I need to cut them out completely or tone them down.

As a writer, people tell me not to censor myself. Sometimes, these powerful, yet disturbing scenes resulted in a lot of anger due to situations in my own past. I also wanted to add some back-stories to some of my minor characters, but it’s getting time consuming though. I don’t know if people will actually care about these minor characters, so once again… I need to decide whether or not this is necessary. In addition, I have a lot of dialogue and will need to add much more details/descriptions, hopefully without rambling though.

Just a lot of careful planning with this trilogy, seeing as this is supposedly the end of the line.

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