Read this: For anyone thinking about self-publishing!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to update, but I spotted something very interesting and it just can’t wait. Has anyone ever read any posts from Ted William’s blog? This is the first time I’m hearing about him, but I stumbled upon this jewel and couldn’t help but share it with everyone else.

By the way, you don’t have to agree with what he says, but I find it quite truthful and amusing. You may get a good laugh from it, you know. Once again, no one can predict the future, but I think Ted’s onto something here.  If you do not know what’s going on lately with Barnes & Noble, I’ll give you some quick info. Barnes & Noble has decided to stop selling Amazon titles (Jan. 31st they announced it), so there you go. The extra $99 I was going to spend on my special ISBN# for having more than one publisher for my book (Barnes & Noble) will not be happening any time soon, until I can find another publisher somewhere. I may just stick to Amazon. So, I quite possibly saved myself $99 bucks.

Read the facts about what’s happening to Barnes & Noble first and then you can read Ted’s posts about the possible future of publishing. Just don’t take my word for it. 😀

An Open Letter To Barnes And Noble

Revolution & Evolution – The Publishing Paradigm

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