Editing Again: Will not stop until Sunday!!

I’m giving myself 5 more days to finish this book. 5 DAYS LEFT! I asked Nicoy if she wouldn’t mind working on my 4th drawing, for I’m planning on have 2 drawings/illustrations in each novel. She’s such a sweet girl. She’s going to try to see if she can get it done by Sunday, so while I wait I’ll be working like crazy to edit. Depending on when I get that drawing, I’ll put everything together and start ordering that proof Sunday/Monday. It takes Createspace 3-5 days to send me the proof. Anyway, here’s the drawing Nicoy’s working on now.

Art by Nicoy

He is such a tortured soul, my character. Poor Zander. I just want to give him a hug. 

Anyway, I’m going to be the tortured soul soon if I can’t finish this editing. I’m still finding some tiny errors here and there… UGH! D:

This is going to be me tonight! I can guarantee it.

I’m still having my computer re-read my chapters out loud to me, which is really helping me right now to find the mistakes. I was going to go over a post on editors, but I’ve got so much on my plate right now that will have to wait.

I think the biggest thing for those thinking about self-publishing is find a legit editor, without becoming bankrupt. There’s so many scams and frauds out there who are taking advantage of poor writers like ourselves.

Even the legit sites are technically scams in my opinion, because you still don’t know who’s reading/editing your manuscript. They never tell you exactly who’s on their staff and what kind of experience they have.

For all we know, they could just be students working part-time trying to pay their college fees. I mean no disrespect to them, but the more experienced an editor is the higher the pay. I would say look around for some free Beta Readers first. The only bad thing is that Beta Readers tend to be friends or family. Please, try to avoid letting your friends, relatives, and friends…even co-workers read/edit your book. They are not editors.  Anyway, I will have to finish this topic right here. Keeping you guys updated, but I will post more once I have the free time.

This will be me for the next 5 days though

OR This

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