Quick Update: Almost Almost there…. One more final read through.

Kind of running out of things to say folks… for my mind is just focused on one thing and that’s finishing the novel and how much little time I have left.  Next week I have to go to the office and tell them I’m not renewing my lease and then I’ll make sure all the bills are finally paid for. It’s just that I’m running out of time and I can sense it. My loving parents will be coming over next month. To tell you guys the truth, I do not want them seeing my book when it comes in the mail nor do I want them reading it. I need to finish this damn book tomorrow!!!

I have finished the 20% of the last half of my novel. I’m doing this post for my reference as well. I’ve read and fixed chapters 26-30 today, after a quick catnap for I was literally falling asleep during editing.  Lack of sleep and rest will do that to a person. I did also work on chapters 22 and 23-25 last two days ago and even a bit last week as well.  I went through my novel and reduced the number of repetitive words.

Now, keep in mind I did leave some of them in, because it would be awkward to remove everything entirely. I really dislike using a lot of adverbs, because it is kind of lazy and a lot of them seem like filler or fluffy words anyway. I’ve been taught in many writing classes that adverbs need to be used sparingly (yes… that is an adverb I just used). 😐 I use the words only if I have no other choice to describe something or to make the sentence a little clearer.

However, I do not use them in dialogue. I repeat! Never will I use them in dialogue. So, you will not be seeing “Come here…” he whispered, coolly or angrily. Nope. So not doing it. I’d like my readers to figure it out for themselves and really look into the character’s actions and by what they’re saying how that person is saying it.


  • I’s (I hate sentences with “I did this and I did that.” Grant it, this is First Person Story… but it’s still annoying to me anyway.  Tried to cut some of them out as best as I could. Probably still have 1,000 I’s in there, because I have no other choice but to use it.)
  • grabbed
  • glared/frowned
  • door/window
  • I said/she said/he said/whispered (I use them when there’s a lot of characters in a scene or if you can’t tell who’s talking to who. If it’s two characters, I’ll remind people now and then if it’s a long dialogue scene, but not always.)
  • asked/questioned (I probably still have a lot of asked)
  • opened/open
  • ceiling/wall
  • adverbs with -ly endings (clearly (2 left), quickly (25 left), calmly (zero), and so on… just a few are in there)
  •  only/one (I still have some in there…)
  • disgust ( just a few)
  • smiled (too many of these and it sounds like a happy happy joy feel good.)
  • and (I use it when I need to since it’s a conjunction, but I seriously hate too many of these worse than I’s.)
  • walked (I try to replace it with “strolled, ambled, hike, pace… something!)
  • something/sometimes (I probably still use it without even realizing it)
  • that (too many that’s can really ruin a story…)
  • of (it’s good and then it can be bad…)

It did take me 5-12 hours to finish it and it reads pretty good. I now have 355 pages.  Just one extra page, but it’s probably because of the two illustrations in the novel.

Now, tomorrow I will do one more last final read through. This is important because if everything looks and reads well, then I will upload the .pdf file on Createspace and finally order my proof. This is it!

If the novel does not read too good tomorrow, I’ll spend another few days revising. I’m at my wits end… it’s getting quite boring now re-reading/tweaking for several hours. I hate being inside all the time. And I’m just falling asleep, but I will go to bed early tonight so I can finish it all tomorrow.

Before I go, I will show you a final drawing that Nicoy did for me. It is just beautiful and tragic. This will be in my paperback book as well, along with another drawing. Have a goodnight folks! 🙂

Art by Nicoy

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