Feeling under the weather… made another wallpaper too!

Still waiting for the book proof and still waiting for Nicoy to send me the 3rd drawing, which should be Ikeda. I so can’t wait to see it. Anyway, I’m trying to relax and take it easy, but I’m just so out of it today.  Did another promotional wallpaper, just a blue one based on Book 5.  I may just create all the posters based on the books, including the last possible three books, alternate versions.

I’m just so bored right now. I did get some rest, but my mind keeps going back to the Kindle ebook I now have to focus on. I did customize my Createspace E-store, which I’ll provide a link to later on.  If more people buy from the Createspace E-store I can make a little bit more, so much better than Amazon. I think for Kindle I get like about the same per book, which isn’t bad. I was thinking of going to the library, but my body just seems a bit weak.

I overworked myself so hard on editing/fixing my novel that now, I’m feeling sick. I need to learn to give myself more breaks and rest, but knowing me so well… I tend to overdo it sometimes. I did try to sleep more these past two days, but my body is like “WTF?!” It’s so accustomed to staying up late at night it’s odd going to bed early now.  I may go to the gym or take a nice stroll in the park, but my body needs to recover first. If I have a hard time sleeping, usually I’ll go to the 24 hour gym and try to make myself tired.

So far, I’m still getting tired just thinking about cleaning around the apartment. After I finish making a wallpaper I’ll be out like a light. I know… it’s sad. 😦 Anyway, here’s one of my wallpapers. This wallpaper is based on book 5. If the wallpapers are too wide for I know some of them may not fit on a PC, you can visit my DA Gallery and click on the smaller sizes.

Entire Book Series:  These are all copyrighted by the way!

  1. Nightmarish Reality (coming out this month or next!) PUBLISHED MARCH 8TH!
  2. Nightmarish Revelations (if I have enough money this can come out next year or 2)
  3. Nightmarish Resolutions (trilogy- coming out 3 years from now)
  4. Nightmarish Reverie (Depends on how the trilogy did and if I have any money left to even publish it.)
  5. Nightmarish Recollections (Depends on if I have enough energy…)
  6. Nightmarish Regeneration (Depends on if I live that long…)


Art by W.D. Lady

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