Total Costs of everything dealing with my Self-Publishing experience

If you guys haven’t noticed, I have changed up my author’s blog quite a bit. I finally figured out how to use menus and so if anyone needs to find certain topics, it’ll be on the topics above.  Just move your mouse over them and they’ll scroll down or sideways. Not to mention, I do have another menu before you scroll down entirely. I try to only focus on the most important topics and some of my longer posts.

Any quick updates will not be at the top for it’s not really important unless it deals with my websites or book publishing dates or so on.  Besides, the updates will be at the top of the page anyway and you can view the last 5 current posts at the left side there above Dates of Journal Entries and my Twitter Account.  I even have a word counter for my last 3 books, 2 of them are finished by the way, except for the last one which is a possible 4th book.  I now have a map and cute little penguins I enjoy playing around with. It’s nice to see the site growing and looking sharp and sleek.

I was much too tired to update last night, so I’m talking about a topic that keeps coming up. COSTS OF SELF-PUBLISHING!!  This will be my final post on costs, until we get to the sequel. With the extra money I’ve spent to buy 10 ISBN #’s and one barcode, hiring an artist, and an editor… I may have just saved myself from going through such a hassle a second time.  Of course, I will always need an editor for the next book (s), but at least it’s just an editor for now. I may hire Nicoy again for one last drawing to put in the Trilogy and that’s not much.

Let’s go over the list one last time!  THIS IS THE 3RD TIME!

1.) EDITING: I’ve paid 2 editors:

  • $100 for 100 pages
  • $243 for 97,375 words

TOTAL = $343

This is probably the most expensive right here! Editing will never be cheap EVER!


  1. $25 – Rue
  2. $25 – Stephan
  3. $25 – Ikeda
  4. $25 – Zander
  5. $15 – Samuel (Hasn’t been paid yet, but I’ve added it in there anyway.)

TOTAL = $115

This isn’t a bad price for artwork services. I did my own covers for all my books, so thankfully I didn’t have to pay more for a book cover.


  • 10 ISBN #’s = $250
  • 1 Barcode = $25

TOTAL = $275

Second largest price! This was my personal choice, despite the fact, that Createspace gave a special one for $99 (with Two Publishers). However, I chose not to go for the $99 because A.) Barnes & Noble stopped selling Amazon titles. So, who is left exactly? I have no idea! It’s not mentioned in their contract what other publishers are available to you, except that you get them and another publisher, whoever that could be.

B.) I wanted more control over my books, because I didn’t want to use a free Createspace ISBN #.  For if sales are good, I can go with another publisher at any time, and if things get rocky (like my book gets banned), I can still go somewhere else.  So, that is why I went with this option. You do not have to go with this option!

C.) Let’s say for example (God Forbid!), my book gets banned for whatever stupid reason. OMG! What can I do now?  No big or independent publisher will come near me, because I’m a self-published author.  I’m too controversial, etc!  Whatever reason they can come up with to reject my book, I still have the upper hand no matter what. 😀 I do want to start my own Book Publishing Company in the possible future. I just go to BOWKER/IDENTIFIERS SERVICES and make my own company (be my own Publisher) and continue to sell my books with my own ISBN #/barcodes and ship them out myself.

If I decide to do that, then I can without any problems whatsoever. That option is available for me. The site offers e-book options such as a Book Sales Widget $60 and you can make your own Book App (Setup fee is $200 and then after that it’s $50/yr starting after the 2nd year). You can also buy an SAN (costs varies though).

However, the downside of this is once you set a price it is fixed! You’ll actually don’t need another new ISBN # for your Kindle e-book unless it’s a new edition or a new format like a Nook or PDF, but not another don’t need a barcode either. However, you cannot lower your prices or change it  a paperback book whenever you feel like, without using a new ISBN # Barcode.


CREATESPACE PROOF: $8.71 with shipping/handling

MY TOTAL COSTS = $776. 71

This is it folks!  Unless, I add something to it…. but that’s all. I have nothing else that I know of that needs to be paid for.  If there is, especially if the proof needs fixing I’ll be sure to let you know.

Now, my self-publishing experience will be different from others. Some will save more and others will spend more, but this is my total. I know it’s expensive. I never said it was cheap!  My recent posts are still accurate if I had chosen not to buy an ISBN # or the special $99 ISBN #.

However, what I’ve just done is saved me another headache for the next time I publish.


  1. 10 ISBN #’s to do whatever I like – I can have 5 paperback books!  Each one with their own e-book!
  2. No paying for barcodes for Kindle or e-books.
  3. More control & more freedom to do whatever the hell I please.
  4. Hands on experience making my book from scratch to the final process.  I’ve learned so much on what it takes that I won’t forget it.
  5. I can decide to make my own publishing company, if I want to.
  6. I can sell it anywhere at anytime, even internationally.
  7. Next time I need to publish, I’m already set up.
  8. Can pick and choose any publisher I want, if I need to.
  9. If the book gets banned, I can still go somewhere else (under selling it anywhere).
  10. Less artwork to pay for, I’m already set-up for my sequel.


  1. Still need to pay for an editor for my next book (s).
  2. Still need a barcode. $25 for each paperback book.
  3. I still need one more drawing $25 for my trilogy.
  4. After I publish 5 paperback books and e-books, I need to buy another 10 ISBN #’s, which is another $250.
  5. It costs a lot of money to set-up a book publishing company from scratch. Let me tell you that right now!
  6. Can’t give discounts or price adjustments for paperback books, without using another new ISBN # Barcode.

6 thoughts on “Total Costs of everything dealing with my Self-Publishing experience

  1. Looks like you’re running a tight ship! Just so you know, Bowker will try to rip you off with those barcodes, but you can find free barcode generators online and skip the $25 on your future print publications. Also, depending on your printing company, they might just generate one for you (I use Lightning Source and they send a barcode with the cover template).

  2. (On second thought, Lightning Source charges $30 for the proof and $75 for document setup, so I guess it’s a wash if you’re paying $8 for a proof. But the generator is definitely worth looking into.)

    1. Thanks for the tip! 😛 I will ask around and see about that generator for the barcodes though. Thank you for visiting my blog and offering feedback/suggestions. I truly appreciate it.

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