Update: Using the Book Proof To Edit… The Good and The Bad!

I’m so happy I got my first book proof yesterday! Words cannot describe how excited I was to not only see it in its book form, but to touch and feel the pages. Oh, my god! I love it so much that I went right to reading it and getting out a pen.  Boy, did I really mark up this book proof!!  I started yesterday at around 4 p.m. and didn’t stop reading until 12 a.m. If you think I’m crazy, you should read my previous posts where I can pretty much spend hours editing nonstop.

This is how serious editing is to me, for I’d like to get it right the first time and not make any mistakes. I have to say that the book proof came in good condition. If I had to rate how Createspace did, it would be an overall 80%.  However, one of the pages 206/207 did fall completely out, which wasn’t good especially since this is a first proof. I would’ve taken it back, but I already marked the book with too many markings. It’s not worth getting my $8.71 refund. I may call them to report it before I order the second proof though.

I’m glad that I read it. It was actually a quick read in many parts. I didn’t see see any major printing typos though. How I rate the book is at the bottom for those of you interested in reading further. I did catch a lot more mistakes reading my book in this format. I found 99-100 mistakes. Now, grant it these are not typos. This is me nitpicking some sentences, which are still important to the overall content contained in this book. I found only one spelling error out of the entire 356 pages. That’s not bad, despite that I may go reading it again today.

My mother told me to not rush it and I totally agree with her at some point, but I want to finish soon for the next two months I will be very busy. It’ll be hectic for me and I don’t want to push the dates of publishing for 3-4 months.  The longer the deadline is delayed the more I become quite reluctant to publish it. That’s just how I am. If it becomes a hassle and I find more mistakes in the second proof, then I may not publish this month.

I hate rushing anything, but I’m trying to do the best I can using my time effectively within a short period of time. I hate missing deadlines! I never miss a freaking deadline or a due date! So, let’s just get this out of the way. I’m not the type of person to slack around. Once I get to work, I get down to business. You will not believe the long endless days and nights I have spent editing before I even ordered this proof.

Now, these 100 mistakes are the last apparently. After this, no more. I judge these mistakes based on my own perfectionism at state and my personal preferences. Some sentences didn’t flow well, so I had to fix them. Some words I ended up repeating… AGAIN! Those had to be taken out. I hate repeating myself, especially with certain words. You can read my old post on words I hate the most. Some words I had to add in to make the sentence clearer, despite my hatred for repetition.  Technically, they are accurate, but reading these sentences in my mind was horrible. Just gut-retching. If I had to pause and reflect in between a sentence, something is not right here!

There were some consistency problems, but not much. It can be fixed by moving a sentence or two forward. Didn’t catch that at first. A few extra commas needed to be added, including an extra period here and there. I wrote down all the mistakes I have on a list and just kept adding to it.

Surprisingly, the back of the book cover looked great… except I didn’t catch it at first, but my character is not 17 years old. He’s 18! So, I just changed the book cover one last time. It’s funny how I mixed the old files with the new, sometimes that happens. I didn’t realize it fast enough, because my mind is stuck to the original. He was supposed to be 17 in this first novel. That was a quick fix!

I knew the first proof wouldn’t be perfect, but it’s a learning experience. Today, I will be fixing the last 100 mistakes in this proof and have Createspace review it either later tonight or tomorrow. I should be able to get the second proof by next week. This is the last proof. I will check it once again for typos, but if everything’s in order, I’m publishing that very same day.

I want my publishing date for this proof to be on or before March 16, 2012.  The inspection for my apartment doesn’t start until the 20th, but I need a few days to clean up everything and what not.

I want the Kindle version of my book to be on the 23rd or the 29th of March. My parents are coming over on April 1st Sunday, for I have to get ready and start moving out of my apartment. I only have one week to do this.  MOVING DAY IS APRIL 8TH!

I’ll be going back home in May! 🙂


Shipping/Handling = 3

(I gave them a three because I think the package could’ve been more secured.  The book is loose inside to move around, damaging the sides of the book. Not to mention, it’s in a cardboard strip, which wraps around it… not a box! The delivery guy left so quickly before I could even get the package and I had to make all those phone calls to find out where it was. That was a huge hassle for me… if you haven’t read the previous 2 posts before this one.  Createspace didn’t even email me to tell me that my package was even arriving, which they had said they would…very disappointed in how they handled shipping/handling.  No tracking number?!  REALLY?! 😦 Even though UPS gave me 3 shipping tries, why can’t they put the book in a smaller secured container, for it could actually fit in my mailbox.  It is 5.06 x 7.81 people! Not a huge book!

Presentation/Book Cover = 10

Nicely done! I love it! It’s actually at a good quality and I love the spine. The back, the side, and the cover all came out exactly how I wanted. The text is bold and clear. I was afraid the title may have been too dark at times, but that’s only because I was in a dark room. I suggest to everyone to read with sufficient lighting or it can ruin your eyes.

Interior Design (pages, pictures, and so on) = 9

I would’ve given them a 10, except page 206/207 came falling out. I just put it back in and it didn’t fall out again. However, they really need to glue those pages in a little better for I fear this book wouldn’t last a good ten years… Since the book isn’t seriously damage, I cannot send it back to them and get a refund.  😐  The pictures did seem dark, but once again poor lighting is to blame. They are clear enough to see everything and I don’t want them too light anyway for this is a pretty dark story. I didn’t see any major typos or serious copy-editing problems, which is a huge plus.  They have very good printers by the way. The text came out clear and bold. Amazing job!


2 thoughts on “Update: Using the Book Proof To Edit… The Good and The Bad!

    1. No prob! 😀 If this experience helps you in anyway, I’m glad. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my posts by the way. Truly appreciate it! And good luck to you as well.

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