Just in a Blah Kind of Mood…but here’s some more neat links!

I’m sort of playing Hemp Tycoon on Facebook, only to listen to the lovely Reggae music. I can listen to these songs over and over again, for they are just so relaxing for some reason. Maybe that’s why this game is so popular. I don’t see why anyone would want to spend real money on these games, but I prefer just playing them for free. I’m not the type to get addicted to games.

Maybe the type to get addicted to music, because I love listening to all kinds of beats from all over the world. Music is just so international. There’s so many different types out there to choose from such as classical, hip-hop, trance, jazz, and so on. Music has no boundaries.

This is me yesterday by the way just relaxing. I’m still very tired from some reason, maybe because I know that there’s still a lot of work to do this month and next. It seems my work is never-ending. I wanted to give you some more useful links for those slow days.

Anyway, I’m off now to relax or eat or something… I seriously need to make a post about editors. I promise I’ll come back and discuss more details about trying to find an editor, my overall experience with them (which isn’t much), but who knows maybe it’ll help you.

This is me making a promise that I’ll return with some good info, but for right now enjoy the links.


  1. CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS – For those of you suffering from writer’s block and you need a quick writing prompt to help you juice up those ideas. Might be helpful if you check out this site.
  2. WRITER BEWARE SISTER SITE – Here’s another sister site of Writer Beware. Just in case you had trouble getting to it. This one is geared for everyone even though it’s on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America site.
  3. BEHIND THE NAME: RANDOM NAME GENERATOR – Having problems coming up with a good original name for your character, without it making it sound like a Mary or Gary Sue? Go here then, they’ve got a bunch of odd names you can find that are actually real names.
  4. FANTASY NAME GENERATOR – If the first generator isn’t what you’re looking for and you need something more exotic, try this name generator. You will definitely find something bizarre and exotic. I guarantee it! Just try not to go overboard with it though.
  5. 100 SITES FOR FICTION WRITERS – Here’s a list of the best 100 sites for fiction writers. This is a really good article and hopefully you’ll find the information useful. This link is on #26 – Createspace. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see a link for each site along with a number, numbers 23, 24, and 25. Pick a number, any number.
  6. PASSIVE VOICE – Sometimes I read this now and then. Some of the information here is useful and will deal with news related articles whether it’s best-sellers or movies, etc. It’s a good site.
  7. NANOWRIMO – National Novel Writing Month is a good site, especially for those who lack or have no motivation to write a novel in a month’s time frame. They have this once every year, starting in November. Try it! You never know unless you do it yourself. See if you can get some of your writing buddies to join you and have a fun little competition, you know bragging about how many words you just finished. I completed my novel last year and I wasn’t even trying. If you can get at least a certain amount of words per day like (3,000-6,000 words), then you too can actually win the contest. The prize is a certificate and some internet badges. Yay! 😀
  8. 25 BANNED BOOKS THAT YOU SHOULD READ – Just a list of some books I think people might find interesting. I’ve read most of these books on from my childhood. However, I have a hard time trying to find American Psycho. I have seen the movie. It’s not bad despite the horrible remakes/sequels. Just watch the original. This book is banned in many countries due to its violence against women and the brutal way people/animals are murdered… yeah, I’ll stop talking now… 😐
  9. 100 WORST BOOKS IN THE CENTURY – If you thought your story or book is the Worst in history, THINK AGAIN! These are by far the worst books… I have no idea if you can still find these books by the way. Good luck trying to find and read them.
  10. QUOTES ABOUT LIFE – Just something random for anyone interested. These quotes are on goodreads by the way. Check it out. You may see several historical figures and many popular writers. Some really good quotes about LIFE!

2 thoughts on “Just in a Blah Kind of Mood…but here’s some more neat links!

  1. I do understand that ‘blah’ thing. I’m in a similar mood…thought I could finish my book, but I don’t think so–maybe tonight!? Thanks for the links.

    • I think we all have those days where we’re just either too tired or just too blah that we don’t feel like doing anything. Anyway Ray, thanks for dropping by and liking the links. Also, maybe just take a break from writing a bit and go outside and enjoy life. Take a little stroll in the park or read a good book. Good luck Ray, hope your writing comes back to you. Just don’t rush through it now, because sometimes you have to let your ideas simmer in your brain awhile. 🙂

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