E-books: Making a Kindle Version of My Book….

This is me yesterday trying to make a kindle ebook.

This is me fighting a one on one battle with my computer.

This is me at the end of the game…

Making a Kindle version of my book was not only a painful experience due to the cramping in my hands, but quite an annoying problem… Yesterday, practically all day, I was figuring out how to create a mobi file for my kindle version. I did go to the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) site and enter in my information for an ebook. I did not enroll into the KDP Select because apparently they want your exclusive rights, so they can sell your book in a certain area of cyberspace. Eh, yeah… 😐

I guess if anyone wants to do that they can, but I’d like to retain all my rights regardless of what happens. They claim they can help authors by getting more readers to see the ebook, but I don’t know enough facts or the statistics of whether or not that actually works. If someone has done the KDP Select and would like to enlighten me on how it’s done, whether it works or not, I’d be more than happy to hear you out.

Anyway, I did finally figure it out. I do have Scrivener program; however, I can only convert my files into epub…for some reason I need a kindle program to create mobi files…. but every time I download this kindle program it doesn’t work, so I’m thinking it’s not designed for Macs.  Of course, I may do some more tweaking along the way, but I’m getting sick of it… every time I fix something and convert the epub files into mobi files through Calibre (which is a free online program) something new would always pop up.

Kindle does say (after reading their free ebook on Publishing through their site) to convert your files to .html because it’s better that way; however, doing that made my text a lot smaller. They do have a preview section where you can view the book. For some reason, I didn’t like how it was being previewed. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll stick to mobi files where I can easily see them in the Kindle for I have a Kindle already.

The only thing I didn’t like about Kindle is not having the beautiful images that Nicoy did for me. I don’t know how anyone adds other images to Kindle, besides the book cover, but oh well. I wish I could go on and on, typing more about what I went through, but my hands need a break.

5 thoughts on “E-books: Making a Kindle Version of My Book….

  1. WDLady,
    Are you familiar with .html?

    I am also attempting to publish an eBook version of my latest book http://bit.ly/zuy2to

    The method I used was converting my 2007 word .docx file to .epub using Lulu.com’s free conversion tool. Once I had an epub, I used google’s sigil to modify the table contents to my liking. I then used calibre to convert the epub to prc with perfection.
    I tried mobi, but encountered way too many conversion issues. Hope this helps.

    1. I just know a little about html, but not much to save my own life. LOL! Thank you the suggestion! I will surely try that! 😀

  2. If you’re using Scrivener, all you have to do is compile your book as a .doc file. Then you let Amazon do the conversion. It’s fussy to figure out exactly what needs to be included and left out for the compile, but once you have it down, it’s easy as pie. If you don’t have the patience for that yet, download Neo Office, the free Mac-specific version of Open Office. Copy and paste your Scrivener chapters to Neo Office, finish whatever formatting you need to do, then save as a .doc file. You *never* have to fool with creating your own .mobi files. You don’t have to bother with HTML either, unless you have complex formatting that Scrivener and Neo Office can’t handle. I’ve uploaded all my books to Kindle as .doc files and they look fine.

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