Still Waiting for Amazon…Patience is the Key!

Yeah, I know… I wasn’t supposed to be writing a post until the end of the week, but since I’m feeling much better now I decided to write a quick update since the last post was pretty depressing. I need to remember not to overwork myself so much and just take things one step at a time. I also need to cool down a bit, for I was a bit angry and frustrated about formatting the Kindle ebook.  As a self-published author, I’m pretty much all alone when it comes to running this thing.

It’s like I’m the ruler of my own planet, but it’s just me and there’s no one else here.  It’s just challenging for me to learn things as I go along here, so please bear with me, especially on my bad days. There’s obstacles that we writers will always need to overcome, no matter what path we pick. There will be challenges in life that we need to face and sometimes we don’t want to, but we have to.

Amazon does finally have my book up with the summary information and I was finally able to set up my author’s page and so on. I did upload a few customer images, so that people know what the book looks like, the outer and interior pages.  I’m trying to set up the “Search Inside this Book,” feature but I still have to wait. I want people to be able to preview the book before they buy it. Once, I get that text wall fixed and I get the preview pages set-up, I’ll start getting my Kindle ready. It should take about 24 hours for my ebook to fully download onto the KDP site. Then, I’ll link it up with the book itself.

I may have to call customer support on Kindle to make sure that there will be no problems in the download, for my book is a really large file and I don’t want anything getting cut out, including the images. Once the Kindle ebook is set up, I’m hoping that eventually I can start planning on a marketing package soon. At least my legs aren’t so stiff now. I can freely walk around the room, without stumbling over all the time. Taking no more pain killers right now.

Anyway, I was going to go through some list of helpful books for novice writers… but I’ll save that for another time. Have a goodnight everyone! 😀

6 thoughts on “Still Waiting for Amazon…Patience is the Key!

  1. One of the things I hate about technology is the unpredictability. You never know where you stand!

    Good luck with getting your book on Kindle! Hopefully it’ll be a breeze. Glad you’re feeling better as well – There’s nothing worse than trying to keep motivated when you’re not 100%

    1. That’s so true! I don’t mind technology as long as it works… when it doesn’t work that’s a whole other story. I mean, isn’t technology supposed to make our lives less complicated? LOL xD!

      I’m asking some questions at the Kindle publishing site to make sure that once I click publish everything will be all right beforehand. And thank you so much hon!

  2. Woah, that you’re even at this stage of the game speaks chapters! Congratulations on having your books ready for publication.

    It seems like it’s anything but a painless process, but even though you’re a bit stressed, you’re hanging in there, which is admirable.

    I hope you find great success with your book. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 True, true…I would like a painless process from here on in, but I still have so much work to do with the marketing. I think marketing will be my biggest challenge yet. And thank you once again for visiting my blog and commenting! Feel free to drop on by whenever you want! 😀

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