Counting Down! 12 Hours from Now….it’ll be ready folks!

12 hours from now my (English) Kindle ebook will be ready for sale, but for international it’ll be 48 hours. It’s right now 12:33 A.M.  So, this is it folks!  I did contact the kindle customer support and they told me everything looks ready to go for publishing and that there should be no problems from here on in. The preview feature I signed up at Amazon (for the paperback book) won’t be ready until another 5-7 more days.  Which sucks by the way! 😦 This better work, it’s supposed to be a free program that anyone can sign up for. It’ll be available for Amazon customers to preview the book next week or so… to what extent I dunno. I’m left wondering, despite the fact that I read all the guidelines. I’m not sure if I’ll have much control over who gets to see what, but it won’t be much. I’ll just have to wait it out for right now, but people can still order the books if they want to.

I do have some friends and customers of mine who are eagerly waiting. I don’t want to rush them, so I told them once they save up the money they can buy the book or the ebook. It doesn’t matter, since the book is already available on Createspace/Amazon. It’ll be up there for quite some time anyway, even until I die! I think just waiting it out is the interesting part. It’s what to do with myself that’s the problem…I mean, I could go back to revising the trilogy. But let’s just focus on one book right now. I’m trying to be a patient person.

Some good news! Yesterday… while in the shower, I suddenly got an idea to extend one of my scenes in the sequel. It deals with one of my character’s history/back-story just briefly.  It just randomly popped into my head that this might be important, so I don’t have to go over it again once the trilogy is in place.  The trilogy… ugh, I have enough problems as it is! It’s slowly looking a little bit better. I’m finished with it when it comes to the word count, but it still feels incomplete to me at the moment…much revising to do actually. I have some scenes that are so short, but then again, maybe it’s better that way.

I don’t want to reveal everything so soon. I think it’s mostly the order that’s gotten me a bit confused, so I may do another tiny… little re-arranging one last time. Anyway, it’s 12:41 A.M. Still counting down the minutes. Hmm… what else was I going to add? I think that was pretty much it really for the time being. Amazon and Createspace are set in place now. I’m not sure if my book is in public view, but once I type it into the search box, it’s found quickly. So, I doubt people would have any problems finding it.

Anyway, will post up the link when the Kindle (English) ebook is ready. 😀  Now, it’s 12:51 A.M. that I end this post.

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