What the Hell! Kindle File Gave Me Wrong Title?!

Well good news folks, I got the Kindle file up. However, the title is wrong. So, now I have to change it again and re-submit the files to publish for another 6-12 hours. First of all, why did Kindle change my title from Nightmarish Reality to Nightmarish Reality (Nightmarish Reality Book Series)!? I think it could’ve been the file I uploaded… but the fact of the matter still remains. THEY CHANGED MY TITLE!


Anyway, I changed it back to Nightmarish Reality (Volume 1) like the original paperback book that is linked to it. I was so happy at first that they had it ready so early, but seriously folks, they should not have used the name, because of a file…  It’s still Nightmarish Reality regardless. I tried to go to Amazon to try to fix just the title, but Kindle doesn’t offer the update product info options, even when I went through The Author Central page. I’m so mad right now… >_< I sent them an email asking them if I always need to re-submit files just to change a title that was never supposed to be changed in the first place.  Ugh! 😦

6 thoughts on “What the Hell! Kindle File Gave Me Wrong Title?!

  1. Umm. If it’s Volume 1, then it’s part of a series. If you didn’t click on the “series” button, I suppose they do it for you.

    1. That’s the thing… they did not change it to Volume 1, I had to change it. It went from Nightmarish Reality to Nightmarish Reality (Nightmarish Reality Book Series) because of the file’s name. I didn’t need a repeat of the same title. If it was Nightmarish Reality (Volume 1) I wouldn’t be here complaining hon. 😦

      However, the title is repeating itself even when I changed it to Volume 1…so I’m just waiting for their customer service agent to contact me to fix it. If I had the ability to change the title through Amazon under the Author Central Page as well, I wouldn’t have a problem… but I can’t unless I re-submit the files and go through it again for the next 6-12 hours.

      It’s just a huge mess over a title change that could be fixed so easily, but I can’t even call customer service for they have no 1-800 numbers!

      Anyway, we’ll see how it goes… :/

      1. I can understand your frustration. I changed one of my titles yesterday (just added to it, actually) and it took a full 12 hours to be on sale again. Now that I’ve read your post, I’m afraid to do the same with the second novel. It’s a sequel, but if I subtitle it as I planned to, they’ll probably see it as a series and start fooling with it. Aargh. Thank goodness, Smashwords keeps their hands off.

      2. Well, I was able to finally call them through Amazon, so someone from KDP will call me in the next 24 hours to confirm any additional corrections. Thank God! 😀

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