Quick Update! Kindle Title Has been Fixed!

On the Amazon site, it looks like the Kindle ebook title is fixed at last. What happened is this…hopefully I can explain this clearly. After I had called customer service, I received an email asking if my problem had been fixed.  I replied to the email that the title had not been fixed and I ended up calling not only another customer service rep, but two! LOL xD! So, finally after the commotion of getting disconnected by one of the agents and having to call again… I got an email from Kindle saying the book was ready to publish.

This is me pretty much all day, checking my iPhone every five seconds…

From the community site, I then realized some people had replied and one person did mention the fact that the series box may have been checked. Now, when I checked this I realized that the title series had been filled out.  I deleted the title series, but left the volume 1 available. The series box was checked; however, little did I realize that once I had added my title already on Kindle the title series should have been blank. Now, I did not fill this title series out the first time, but in the confusion of things, I must’ve filled it out the second time I was trying to publish the book, thinking it was the title.  By not knowing, the title was already at the top and faded out… when I attempted to correct the mistake of the first error, it repeated the title again.

I’m still waiting for an email that the Kindle ebook is published for I had to re-submit the files…again. This is the third time by the way! But hopefully the last time! The customer service reps will still call me in the next 24 hours to check up on me…to make sure the title has been corrected and I may ask them how I can preview my files after they’ve been published. I don’t know if I should buy the kindle ebook to make sure that everything’s all there, including the images. I’d hate to not know and then someone buys the ebook, getting only half the book… so I’ll have to figure that part out.

Once everything’s in the green zone (the clear), I’ll send you guys the links for the Kindle English ebook. It’ll be awhile before I can get the other countries like UK, France, and so on…so please be patient with me. You can still preview the first 2 1/2 chapters though in the Preview mode feature I have set up at Amazon.com. 😀  Slowly but surely everything will soon come to together.

8 thoughts on “Quick Update! Kindle Title Has been Fixed!

  1. Aargh! Those check boxes. Hit or not hit the right/wrong one and you’re in trouble. I’m assuming that the preview only shows text, as if it was an older Kindle. It’s ridiculous that 1. Amazon doesn’t allow a full preview, including graphics, and 2. that you have to buy your own book in order to look at it. Another point to Smashwords. You can download every available version of your own book in order to check for problems.

    But at least your problem is solved. I have two books set in the same universe and will be publishing more eventually. The first two are on Kindle, with a title change for the first one, indicating the universe. The second is a sequel, but I don’t see that as a series in any real sense, so I’m not sure if I’ll get slapped down if the second title is changed to include the universe.

    A writer’s work is never done, it seems, even when the book is published and supposedly over and done with.

    1. I know right! If I had known those little check boxes would be so problematic, I would’ve been on the look out.

      However, I was able to preview the files beforehand and they did show the images. I don’t know about the older kindles though, but you can always download an updated kindle version for free through amazon. They do have the software/program for PC and Macs though, which I have by the way.

      I didn’t pay to download my own book. I just sent customer service an email and asked them how my files looked and if it there were any errors showing to address before I publish it. The customer service rep told me she didn’t see any errors or serious formatting issues, so I’m guessing she previewed it entirely and hopefully knows what she’s doing…which is why I went through with the publishing.

      But I completely understand what you’re saying. I have been hearing a lot about SmashWords, so I may just look into them in the near future. You’re so right! 😀 A writer’s job is never done…I still have the marketing aspect to work on. There’s so many things left to do. @_@

      1. I have the Mac desktop Kindle, so I check the mobi version of my books that way. But since it does show graphics, that wouldn’t tell you how the book will look on the older Kindles.

        Speaking of work, I’m completely revamping my blog/website for my books. WordPress isn’t as flexible as my own website would be, but it’s free and easier for now. Still a ton of work. I’ve pretty much neglected it up till now. That might have something to do with why it hardly gets any traffic. 🙂

      2. Yeah, that’s the thing. Technology is always changing so fast and we’re always rushing to catch up with it.

        Aww! No worries hon, just do your best. I just try to update at least once a day… there are times when I can’t even find an interesting topic to discuss or I’ll take a break. I’ll be watching your blog from now on, so I’ll drop in and visit from time to time. 🙂

  2. Thanks for subscribing to the blog. I usally update Tracking the Words several times a hope, so you dropped in at a bad time. I’m sort of taking a week off to get my mood back where it belongs, and tend to online business. But I’ll probably be back this weekend. The blog I’m revamping is Dark Boundaries. That’s the one that’s supposed to highlight my books so I don’t have to get all in-your-face about promotion on TtheW.

    1. Ah, no worries. 😉 If you’re taking a break that’s fine too. I’ll still check out the other blog as well. 😀 Good luck hon!

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