Called Amazon Today About Sales Info!

Second paperback book sold today!

First book being read today by loyal, faithful friend!

An online friend of mine, who bought my book last week has just received his copy today.  Now, he’s reading it… at this very moment.  Today!  I’ve never been so happy and yet so fearful at the same time. I’m trying to remain positive, since I got another sale today! Another online friend bought his copy, and told me it’s being shipped to his house.  However, I’m not seeing the sales on, so I called them up and asked them why.  Now, I have read the guidelines that says it may take up to 3 days for them to report the sale (on Createspace), but I wanted to find out for myself about Amazon’s sales reports.

The customer service rep told me I should start seeing the sales by tomorrow. However, the sale was bought overseas.  The rep did say it usually takes a bit longer for them to show it online, but Createspace usually prints and ships the books, so I would see a report from them quicker than Amazon. Even the Kindle ebooks have this problem as well, taking a few days or weeks to show up. By the end of every month, I should get a detailed report of each one…I hope.

I asked the rep if I could set up my account to get email notices that someone had bought my book, because how would I ever know? Especially, if there’s always a delay in updating the sales information, whenever someone purchases my novel?! He mentioned I could sign up for the Advantage Amazon Program, but then I’d have to ship out my own books. In addition, I’d have to pay a yearly fee to become my own vendor. He said that Createspace would be able to set it up, if I signed up for the Expanded Distribution Program, which costs $25 dollars.

I did thank him for his time, but there’s no way in Hell I’d sign up for Createspace Expanded Distribution Program, because I already read the fine print. They’ll receive 60% of my royalties… and not only that, but they’ll charge me for each book that’s shipped overseas. 😐 I’m not paying for that whatsoever. I do feel bad that my friend paid so much for shipping fees, but I do know that he felt that it was worth it. There’s just something about getting the book in your hands.

I can’t thank my online friends enough! I’m eternally grateful to both of them. They may be my online friends and all, but I never force people to do anything they don’t want to do. They bought it on their own accord. My online friends come from all over the world and some of them have been keeping track of what’s been going on through my blog, since I keep in contact with them constantly. Some of them haven’t read parts of the book at all, but the way I describe it to them, they decided to take a risk and buy it.

I wouldn’t consider myself a good salesperson either, I’m just a writer with a really good hook.  I wish I could have my paperback novel available through Amazon UK, France, Germany, etc global sites… so people wouldn’t have to pay so much for shipping fees, but I so can’t afford it right now.  Maybe someday I could try it. But right now… I’m just flat broke!

I’m surprised he didn’t get the Kindle ebook, which would’ve saved him the trouble, but I’m glad he wants the book. I did many creative things for the book cover and the interior, which I hope people will see and actually like while reading the story and so forth. I want them to enjoy the content as well as the overall feeling/mood that I was going for. Staying optimistic and cheerful, since it’s still early for sales and all that. The paperback book is just superior than the Kindle ebook, in my opinion.

On paper, the possibilities are endless, and I’ve been very creative to show it. Some people may not think that, but I believe if people saw how I did certain scenes they might fully understand, once they read it. The suspense it creates and the mood/tension is just creepy. And I love it! The Kindle format is still pretty simplistic and you can’t really do much playing around with font styles and what not.

Overall, this experience has taught me that all good things come to those who wait for the paperback book.


8 thoughts on “Called Amazon Today About Sales Info!

  1. I haven’t talked to anyone at Createspace, lately, but I would think they had printers in the UK, France etc, to cut down on shipping charges?;-)

    • I know they do have other locations out there, but I’d have to pay for it by either signing up for Advantage Program on Amazon or Createspace’s Expanded Distribution program. But they are so intent on getting more money and more of my royalties, I decided not to. I can’t do it, I’m already broke. 😦 60% of my royalties go to them, so that’s not worth it.

      • Yeah, I understand. When I went back and read your post, I think I had spoken without understanding what I had read;-) I forget right now, but it seems the book was only produced over here or something, which negated what I had said. And, by now, this will make no sense to you. Hope you enjoy the day!
        Ray Harrison

  2. Lol! Well, I wonder who that reader is? Hmm…. Maybe this friendly wolf?
    Well, I’m spreading the word amongst my friends. I might be getting you some new readers.

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