Relaxing is harder than it looks…especially if you’re thinking too much.

Well, I haven’t been posting every day as you can see… Trying to relax, since my friends made it very clear to me that I need to stop worrying about my novel and just let it be.  And I have to agree, they are right somewhat. I can’t seem to enjoy relaxing for some reason. I’ve been going to gym every day and doing some exercises to get back in shape.  I have tried to watch some movies and do some reading, but I seem to always be distracted.

I know I was thinking of taking a year off to focus on this first novel, just trying to promote and market it. I stopped watching the news, because it’s getting kinda depressing these days… especially about what’s been going on in Florida these days. It’s just tragic. I don’t even want to get into it, except that our justice system is flawed in more ways than one. Before I open a big can of worms, I’d like to say that I’m beginning to hate Florida these days. Once upon a time, Florida never used to be such a bad place to live in, but now that’s changed.

Today, Florida just has a bad reputation, because of a few bad people. Okay, notoriously bad people such as Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. How is it that a few bad eggs ruin it for the rest of us? It’s just sad… 😦 Anyhoo, I’m thinking of editing my sequel or finishing up my trilogy. I can’t decide what to do today, but I really want to get the sequel completely edited though. I’m wondering if I should pay my editor from last time and just get it over with. I still have some money left over, but I’m going to wait it out and see what happens. The sequel is 116,000 something words. I haven’t looked at it since I edited it last time and that was months ago.

I’m even thinking of tweaking a few characters as well… just a little. They’ll still be the same, but I’m actually considering some things before working on the possible three future books, which will have my favorite characters’ history more in depth. I wish I could shut my brain off for a few minutes or a few days, but I can’t unfortunately.

Oh, wait a tick! I forgot to mention something! There’s another book that I should’ve added to my list of favorite books.

  • 10.) It’s called First Draft in 30 Days.  It’s about $13-$14 dollars now on Amazon. It’s a really good book that really helps you organize your story in 30 days. I use it mostly as a reference to make my outlines before I start writing my novel. Towards the back of the book are useful charts and editing sheet guides that will help you have more structure. For those of you who are struggling to figure out what to do, this will help you write a novel step by step. I notice a lot of novice writers don’t have structure in their stories and this would really help you write a little at a time.  I actually have printed out my own charts based on the ones in this book; however, I’m not the type to actually fill out every piece of information, because it sort of hinders my ability to just sit down and write.
  • I just write regardless of whether I have an outline or not.  However, going back is an issue, especially when it comes down to editing. This would help you understand certain key issues you may have with finding mistakes and what type of research you need to do before you even write the novel.  Just check it out!  There’s also a sequel to this book, but I haven’t checked it out yet. I sort of avoided it due to the fact it might just repeat what’s in the first book, and I think one of these books is enough right now, since it goes to such great details of how to structure your entire novel.  Some writers love everything to be structured and other writers don’t because their creative drive feels limited… but read it anyway, it might help a little.

Anyway, I’m gone now.  I will go back to eating sweets and relaxing.


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