Update: Still Waiting…I Might Be Featured in a Horror Blog Soon!

This is me yesterday after someone told me they couldn’t put down my book, because it was soo addicting!!

Now, I’m still waiting for the final results.  The book review (s)!  I’m still really excited and nervous that I may be featured in a Horror blog.  So far, I’ve gotten good responses from other people and was actually surprised when someone told me my book is addicting.  That really made my day yesterday and the day before that too when someone else told me the quality of the book/story is superior and above average!  Yay!  I’m just hoping and praying that they enjoy the rest of the novel.

However, this is me today after I broke a promise to myself that I’d never go back

and start reading my entire novel…

Why do I look this way?  Good question!  It’s because I found more mistakes, that’s why.  They aren’t huge life-threatening errors and I still have no misspellings either, but I can’t help myself.  I am a total perfectionist!  I did talk to my mother and my sister for some cheering up, because after I saw those mistakes I was like this….

I’m not kidding. 😐

Okay… so what did I learn today?  Well, I realized that despite all my hard work and years of writing my novel, I will still find something wrong with it… or something I don’t like… or something I could’ve improved on further.  I’m lucky and grateful I was able to fix the really huge mistakes, such as the timelines and clarity and so on.  I still have a tendency to repeat myself, but sometimes there are certain words that I just can’t substitute with other words to explain. How many words can you substitute for Door?!   Or Window?! 

So, here’s my disclaimer for those who might be scared to read it… Warning! Sometimes, I repeat myself.  I don’t think the mistakes will ruin the entire novel overall, but I know there will be some serious nitpicking editors out there.  I just don’t care right now what they will think of me or my first novel.  My next novel, I’ll try to do better this time.  But I have to keep moving forward!

I’m thinking if this first novel does well, despite those little mistakes, which I’m not telling by the way… since it’s a secret for now, I’ll do a special edition next year, using the white book cover I made.  All the mistakes I found will be corrected and I counted a total of 17 mistakes.  However, some of them aren’t as clear cut and may not be easily noticeable while others are pretty obvious.  Repetition was my main flaw and I think I had 1 missing word and I think 1 missing letter, which could be mistaken as a typo in the paperback novel.  Yep, that’s the extent of the damage so far.  But the other 80% of the book is great!  Other than that, my dialogue and descriptions were not bad whatsoever, in my opinion.  Grant it, I’m the author, but I did find some emotional and powerful scenes that I didn’t think would turn out so damn good.

The scenes that I had the most trouble with, ended up better than I expected after reworking/fixing them.  I’m not bragging either.  I will not (I REPEAT!) will not be going back to read a second time, that’s for sure.  17 mistakes folks!  Out of a 356 page novel.  I wonder if that’s normal.  What’s the average mistakes in a book, not counting the typos caused by printers?  I should really look into that.  That’s actually not bad compared to the 100 plus mistakes I found in the first book proof.

For now, it’s too late for me to go back and fix them this instant. I will have to carry on with my life and try the best I can to promote and market this book as any other author would.  No one’s baby is perfect in every way.  I’m just glad that the first responses from people have been very very positive. 

Anyway, I just needed to get that out of my system.


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