Here we go again!

Well… this will be difficult to explain to some people, but I did go back and fix the kindle ebook. YES I KNOW!  I’m crazy!  So any of you thinking of buying the Kindle will have to wait 6-12 hours.  It sucks!  But I couldn’t stand it anymore.  This is the last last time.  However… I will eventually take down the book, but I will wait another 2 weeks before that happens, since someone did just buy it today.  If I put it down, he won’t be getting his book.  I’m sorry folks, but the habit of being a perfectionist is coming back and I just can’t leave things alone, knowing there’s a few errors.  I hate hate hate making mistakes!


4 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. Hi. I want to be a novelist. Did you know there were errors before you published or did you miss these mistakes in error?

    • These are errors I missed after the fact actually. The first book proof had at least 100 or more, but I found them easily. These errors (hopefully the last ones) were not so easy to spot at first glance, especially when I was so absorbed in getting things done. That’s the name of the game. No novel will be perfect no matter how many book proofs you print out. 😦 However, I may be able to get the book out after the 48 hours without ordering another book proof. Createspace has given me no problems with my interior! They have good printers!

      • Oh okay. Did you rush through the editing phase? I know when I get excited and rush that I miss things. Publishing a book must be such a big process!

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