Last Book Proof is on the Way!

Well, I just got an email from Createspace that the reviewing process is over and the files are ready to print.  I did order a copy of the book for myself and it should be at home next week Wednesday or Friday.  However, I will not be there to pick it up.  I’m moving out Wednesday… it may take 3 more days to get to Florida.  The book is now officially available.

I doubt there will be any serious problems with the book cover, because I didn’t even touch that.  It has been the same ever since.  All I fixed was just the interior (that wasn’t even much) and I was able to review it through their Book Reviewer Program. Like I said before, even after I bought 2 book proofs I have had no problems with how Createspace printed out the interior pictures and text.  I gave them a high 10 for quality!

They have very good printers!!  However… if one day the printer died… anyone’s paperback book that suffers from quality issues, you can easily report it to them and send it back.  Also, you can email me and let me know, so I can also call them up and complain to them.  I hope to see the final book copy at the end of next week or so!  I didn’t want to shut down the book for a week, because that would affect sales.

There shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever though.  I’ve had a very good experience with Createspace.  So, if you want the book now, you can order it.  The book is ready!  It will be shipped to those who ordered it. I’m praying to God that I will not be going over this horrible ordeal again.  I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused anyone.  For those eager to buy the book, I say now is the time to go out there and read my book!  LOL xD!  Or you can read the preview first, wait another week, and then decide for yourself if you want to buy the book or the ebook.


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