I Can Sell My Book On Amazon Europe?!

This is me after reading on Createspace that my paperback book can now be sold on Amazon Europe for free!

This is me while talking to a customer service rep and finding out that they added this last week ago. Not to mention the 40% royalties is the same as Amazon USA.

And this is me realizing that I have two choices on the site: raise my book price in the USA or raise my book price in the UK…okay, that’s only one choice.

So, what is a self-published author to do exactly? At least the customer service rep was very polite and helpful in making me understand how this Amazon Europe works.  But what’s next? And why does it seem that this new feature sounds a little too good to be true?  And what is up with Amazon encouraging me to raise my book prices all of a sudden, just so I can sell a few books to Amazon UK?

I don’t know what to do really.  I mean, I’m at a loss of words right now.  It’s not like I’ve sold that much to begin with, 3 paperback books so far.  Raising my book prices isn’t going to get more people to buy it, that’s for sure.  Even my ebook has only sold 4 copies and that’s just at $2.99.  So, here’s my question to you.  Is it really worth it?  And should I lower my ebook to .99 cents just to get more people to buy it? Nah, I’ll leave it.

Here’s a poll if anyone is interested in answering.

I’ve decided to go for Amazon UK/Europe.  For Great Britain the paperback book is 7.85 GBP and for the rest of UK/Europe it’s 8.99 Euros.  Now, I just have to wait 5-7 days until it’ll come into effect.


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