Lost In Thought: It’s Monday Already?

Well, it looks like I’ll be going with Amazon UK/Europe after all.  So, in a few more days or exactly one week I should have both paperback books and ebooks overseas.  This is good news, but my royalty is actually much less than the US.  In fact, it’s half of what I’m making.  But what the heck anyway!  If I can get more people to see it overseas, then it should be good, right?

I need to figure out a way to do more advertising.  If only my book got banned from libraries, so I could go to my local news station and protest the outrage.  I should be happy, but I’m still a little sad for some reason.  I need to stop feeling like this!

On Amazon Europe, I couldn’t keep my books at the listed price of $9.99, for it was too low and I’d be making a negative amount.  Yeah, I don’t want that happening again, like last time where I would’ve made -2.13 per book.  That was in my rant section somewhere from a long time ago.  I will donate a copy of my book to the local library soon. It’ll be interesting what the administration says, that’s for sure.  Will they accept it or reject it?  Time will only tell.

At least a friend of mine has been kindly promoting my book for me (for Free), which is amazing.  I’m truly grateful to him.  He says he’ll also try donating a book to his library, in another state.  Hopefully they aren’t as strict and will gladly accept a free book.  I am thinking a lot about my sequel these days.  Despite doing research for another book and genre, my mind keeps drifting back.  I’m happy that I took a break from the first novel, and yet I keep thinking about the second one.

When will the madness ever stop?  I think never…it’s a habit of mine.  I don’t think anyone’s noticed, but I’ve decided to make some posts private.  It’s not much really, just a few.  The posts weren’t that important, not to me anyway.  Some of them may have given out too much information regarding the characters or storyline…others were either not read or not popular.  It’s just me organizing what goes and what stays.

Back to business as usual!  I’ll try to update once a day, if I can like I did before.  I doubt more people will comment, since I’m not the type of person to comment on other people’s blog.  But it’s quite all right by me.  I’m not writing this blog to win some popularity contest, I just do it for my own sake.  I’d like to fix up my media package (proposal) for this first book, but I’m so impatient.  Just hold your horses girl!

Still waiting for that sales rep to call me.  I was supposed to buy a camera from him…so tomorrow, I’m going to one of the vendor locations around town to see what they have for sale.  I really hope they have what I’m looking for at the same price.  If not, I’m going back online and order everything right – like I was supposed to from the very beginning!

I find it hard to believe they don’t want my money, but whatever.  I keep thinking that my book has been out for like four or six months now, but it’s only about two months now…well, technically three, but once I fixed it, the publishing date changed to April.  So, the first month really doesn’t count, despite that one or two people bought it weeks later when it came out.  Anyhoo, I’ll wait some more before publishing the sequel, because it all really depends on how I feel and how much money I have leftover.


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