Working On The Interior…

For both my sequel and trilogy… it’s no laughing matter, but it’s just a lot of hard work.  Trying to get them to look much like the original novel.  However, I did tweak a few things.  I’m seriously hating the template style, because I can’t do certain things or it ruins the format.  It really sucks right now.

I’ve been working on these for at least two hours. Trying to get the paperbacks close enough that I can leave them alone.  They are just examples for now, but I will use them when it comes down to the polished novels.  A simple copy and paste method.  There’s also another problem that I’m seeing and it’s the size of the novels.  I write a lot!  The sequel is about 432 pages and the trilogy is nearly 500 pages.  Every time I cut that trilogy in half, it keeps on growing into a monster.  I went back to Createspace’s site to see how much it’ll cost to print these out.

My royalties will be less too, unless I decide to bring the prices up, which sucks majorly as well.  If I put these two novels at $9.99 I’ll be making less than -.04 cents on Amazon.  So, these two last novels are a pain in my butt at the moment, due to their length.  If I decide to publish these they’ll be in the $10-$13 dollar price range.  To me, $15-$20 bucks is pushing it by far.  I seriously don’t want people spending that much––it’s just too expensive. 

I really don’t know what I’m going to do.  I don’t want to cut these books in half any more.  I will have to trim that trilogy again and get it better organized.  It’s still incomplete.  There’s so much re-writing I have to do for that entire Goliath of a book.  I’ll be editing and revising my sequel soon this month or next, since I’d like to get that published next year.  I can’t say that I’m excited about working on it… it’ll be a challenge to piece together everything from three novels.  Hopefully, I can do this.

I’ve noticed a lot of self-published authors publishing shorter books almost every month or so.  I don’t know how they do that.  I wish I had that kind of confidence to dish out a new story every month, but I’m in no hurry to finish.  This isn’t really a contest.  I want to make sure my sequel is better than the first novel, not worse.  I want to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes that I made in the first book.  This is about quality, not how many titles I have out already.  It would be nice to have a growing fanbase who reads my novel every month after I publish, but that’s not what I’m going for.  I’m just doing this because I’d like to have my work out there before I die. 😐

I’ve trimmed down a little of what I find repetitive in the sequel and trilogy.  Still not done yet!  Got tons of sentences and pages to analyze.  I keep thinking I need more details, since some of my chapters are short… but I’m just adding more pages.  The writer in me is so persistent!  I don’t know if I’ll hire the same editor or any editor, since I’m strapped for cash.  It’ll be expensive paying an editor at this time.  I will not publish until I’m ready, which may be another year or two.

I’d like to see how my first novel fairs…whether it’ll get more buys and reviews (whether negative or positive).  I’ll see how it goes.  One thing’s for sure, I won’t be cutting my two novels into shorter books.  I think that would piss off my readers.  I’d feel like I was cheating them.  I hate cliffhangers or any ending that says, “Pay to read more.”  That’s not the type of series I want.  Though I’m fretting my sequel kind of leaves some things open for the next installment.

The ebooks I may publish first before the paperback novels, because I like sticking to the $2.99 price range.  Also, there’s no major costs I have to worry about.  We’ll see…if I have some leftover money to hire an editor.


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