Danger Words Mrs. Robinson!

I’m adding some more words to my List of Words & Phrases I need to be careful of. This is mostly for me or anyone who’s interested, so I can avoid repetition and silly lines later on in the sequel. As a writer I want to improve on my writing, not make it any worse. I may however start adding fewer adjectives (-ly ending words) in future novel descriptions. For dialogue I may add some…or not. I didn’t in the first novel for that very reason. Who knows what will happen in the sequel? I’ll see if I can balance adjectives evenly without the writing suffering along with it.


24.) Raised his/her/my eyebrows – I probably have a few in the first novel, but I won’t be using this description again in the sequel.

25.) Mutter (muttered/muttering) – I hardly use it.

26.) grin (grins/grinned/grinning) – Just in case I forget. At least it’s up here.

27.) gasp (gasped/gasping) – gasping not so much used, but need to watch the ‘le gasped.’

28.) smirk (smirking/smirked) – I have a feeling this is going to be the death of me. 😐

29.) clamber – never used it, thank God! Don’t want to start now.

30.) blushes/flushes – I use blush sometimes, but hardly ever use flush. Don’t plan on seeing that in the sequel.

31.) quirk up – never heard this one before, but I won’t be using it at all.

32.) a ghost of a smile – once again, I’ve heard ‘ a ghostly smile’ but not a ghost of a smile…

33.) hooded eyes – what does this mean exactly? I never used it and don’t intend to.

34.) frown (frowns/frowned/frowning) – I use this sometimes, but I’ll try not to overdo it.

35.) presses into a line – yeah… never seen it and never will use it for the rest of my days.

36.) sigh (sighing/sighed) – my favorite bad word that just needs to die.

37.) index finger – who knew index finger could be an overused bad word? I sure didn’t…and I will be careful.

38.) Oh, my god (not OMG!) – I sometimes use this.

39.) Oh crap (double crap/crap) – hardly used, but I get it.

40.) Okay/alright/all right/OK – Yes, another bad word indeed.

41.) Because/so – I use these too

42.) But/and yet – I shot myself in the leg…not good.

43.) Really – Another favorite bad word of mine. Oh god!

44.) Literally – I’m so dead right now.

45.) Actually – No comment.

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