Update: A Full Day of Errands…

Me running errands all day.

Well folks, it’s official! I’ve finally donated my book at the library today. Man…was it packed! I’ve never seen the library so busy and so loud in my entire life. There was a festival going on apparently. Thankfully, I wasn’t there long. I talked to the woman at the front desk and asked her how I would go about donating my book. I told her that I had self-published this book and would like to put it on the shelf with other local authors in Florida. She told me she really liked the cover and said that I had to go upstairs to Community Relations, third floor.

So, I went upstairs to the office and asked around. I donated Nightmarish Reality to this older woman. I didn’t need to fill out any forms or paperwork, but she did examine the book for herself. Praying she keeps it! She said it should be on the shelf by next week or two. I did ask another librarian if they had a section for local authors (which they did) and she showed me where it was. She didn’t know if anyone of the authors were self-published, but she did tell me that they go through a review process, but people can still freely donate their book whenever they want to.

Anyway, I did go to OfficeMax and Staples to compare prices on my business cards to try to promote NR. I never knew business cards could be so expensive. At Staples, 500 business cards (for one side semi-gloss) custom made full color costs $49.99.  However, for a front and back sided business cards they add an additional $20. Not to mention, they take about 3-7 days, an extra $10 for 3 days delivery. So, the guy told me a total of $63.99. However, he wouldn’t give me a free sample to see how the business card would look before they printed it out.

OfficeMax had the best deals, so I’m going to soon order 500 business cards, back and front for $59.99. I couldn’t do it earlier for my file’s resolution is too low. Today I’m going to fix it and may go back in either later today or next week Monday. Anyway, wish me good luck folks!


3 thoughts on “Update: A Full Day of Errands…

  1. […] I’m curious how much a T-shirt would cost me, if I made one of my own on some of these sites. After Nicoy and I finish the graphic novel, she’s going to help me design some T-shirts and what not. I was also thinking of making posters, but there’s very few places I know that do such things. Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax may do a little of everything. I remember going to OfficeMax one day and experimenting with a bunch of business cards. Click Here to read “A Full Day of Errands.” […]

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