Site Undergoing Maintenance!

Alright folks, I’m doing some site maintenance to keep everything in order and let’s just say WordPress is giving me a hard time right now with the menus. So, please bear with me for there may be a few glitches here and there. Will try to get this site in working order this month and in good health. Hopefully, my patience can hold out, because with all the problems I’m going through… it’s wearing out thin.

I also need to check the library to see if they have approved my book. Not to mention, I really need to figure out a plan of action on how I’m going to promote my book around town. It would’ve been nice to have a few posters, but they cost way too much. For just 10 posters, it’ll cost me $70 bucks at OfficeMax and they are the smaller ones at 14 x 11 I believe. I think the promotional business cards are more convenient enough for me and easier to carry.


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