Learning Patience & Kindness

This post will be a little different from what I normally write, but I feel that I have to do it. I’m not really a selfish person. I do care about other people more so than myself, which can be good or bad if you think about it. I’m not a very patient person though…I’ll admit it right now. I’m guilty as charged. However, I’ve always been respectful to people who are respectful to me. I cannot handle rude people and that’s a fact. Once I received my tripod, I got an extra gift for the long two months wait. I thanked the seller for everything. He was really a nice guy! My mother and I had a little chat about what happened. She’s always right! This experience has taught me that good things come to those who wait. I’ll try to be more patient. They do say patience is a virtue. Things don’t happen overnight. As a writer, it’s hard to struggle with patience.

Sometimes when things don’t go our way, we can become like this…

Like an angry Godzilla monster, smashing everything in its path. Those in our way better watch out!

Other times, we can be calm and cool.

Still as a samurai warrior in the wind, but ready to pounce at any moment.

As we writers grow older, we must learn how to become more patient and kinder. I’ve learned to forgive people who’ve hurt me in the past. In life, we’ll meet all types of people, some positive and some negative. Only through forgiveness can you move on with your life and become a better person. Keeping hate in your heart doesn’t help you, it just festers and makes things worse. I may not talk to my past relationships though and would rather prefer to be on my own. It’s better to leave them alone. I have no hard feelings against them, but I will not befriend them again. I’ve heard the saying before, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  What’s done is done. Maybe it’s better if we just parted ways and did our own thing. Only through living a peaceful life can we find happiness.


  1. Learn Forgiveness. Without forgiving others you cannot move on with your life. Anger only builds up after keeping it bottled up for years. Revenge is never the answer. It will make things even worse. Forgive yourself as well as others, because we’re only human and make mistakes.
  2. Think About The Positives. You’re still alive, right? If you think your life is bad, just look at all those starving children in Africa. You’ll think differently. In the world there’s always someone who has it a lot worse than you. Be grateful for what you have! If you don’t appreciate what you have now, you may end up losing it later on. Then, you’ll really miss it…trust me.
  3. Look At Things Through Another Angle. By looking at things from another perspective you can realize things you had never seen before. Keep your mind open for the possibilities. The opportunities out there are still endless.
  4. Give Yourself A Break. By over-stressing yourself and not taking the time to relax, you will become frustrated and maybe even depressed. Take things slow and just enjoy life for once. Take a walk in the park. Take a drive through the countryside. Life is too short to be worrying all the time. Ignore what mean people think and say. Live as though you’re going to die today. Live life to the fullest, but please be careful and try not to do anything too reckless.
  5. Remember Change Takes Time. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so learn to take things one step at a time.
  6. Are Your Goals In Check? If you set enough goals and keep yourself motivated to finish them, you’ll feel better about yourself. Even small goals can make you feel accomplished and build your self-esteem.
  7. Keep Your Dreams Alive. Always believe that tomorrow will be a better day. You may not reach your dream tonight, but maybe tomorrow? If not tomorrow, maybe the next day? Maybe the next five or ten years? If you don’t believe in your dreams, you won’t get very far.
  8. Never Give Up! This is just as important. You need to be determined, because no one will encourage you when you’re struggling. You have to learn to be your best friend and keep going. Give yourself encouragement, but never give up and never surrender.
  9. Things Happen For A Reason. You lost your job and now you’re feeling sad and worthless. Sometimes in life, there’s nothing we can do to control what happens to us. Can anyone control the weather or an asteroid crashing down on your house? I don’t think so. Maybe not having that job can let you focus on other goals you had in mind, like building a small company or having more time to spend with the family. I’m not saying having no job is great, because a lot of people are suffering and can’t pay their bills and groceries. If you’re a creative person and are desperate to make something, sometimes people who don’t give up become entrepreneurs.
  10. Love Yourself And Others. Be humble and have love in your heart. A person without love is not human at all.

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