Update: Such Slow Progress!

Construction on the rooms has been delayed again! Really?! It’s been almost two months!

So, I guess I won’t be moving into my room…until the end of this week or next week…or whenever they finish. Don’t know why the construction crews came in today, because they didn’t do anything whatsoever. They arrived early and left without even lifting a finger. They were walking up and down the house doing what?! Nothing! They’re supposed to be working eight hours per day, but it seems they’re getting paid for doing less than 2 hours of work. Seriously!? I’m so disappointed. They painted the living room only to damage it some more. So, what was the point of painting it to leave scars and marks over it? Can’t you finish one job and move on to the next one, without damaging the good walls?

We’re paying them to do everything, folks. To paint, to clean, to fix the windows…and those windows haven’t been completed since the first day on the job. At least 75% of the major work seems to be done, but now it looks like they’re just dragging the minor details so they can get more pay in return. I’d like to move into my room this week, but I highly doubt that they’ll finish soon. They can’t even get the right color of paint. You know it might be a good idea to write down the paint color that was in the room before you start tearing down the walls. Just a minor suggestion… in case it might be an important detail later on in the future.

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed with their overall progress. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Luckily, we have enough space in the patio to hold our stuff. Can you imagine if we had to rent out storage space? That would be a nightmare. Anyway, I’m calculating the costs of publishing my sequel. My funds are running low, so I have to be extra careful, since I have no income coming in. Still searching for a full or part-time job to make some extra cash.

Costs of Publishing The Sequel:

  1. Editing Costs – If I hire the same editor like last time, it’ll be $256
  2. Copyright Fee – $35
  3. Barcode – $25 (someone did mention to me that I should just generate my own barcode and get that for free…still need to do more research on that).
  4. Promotional Stuff – $60 (This may be optional for now).
  5. Book Proof – $8 bucks with shipping/handling

Total = $384

Minus this from the First Book at $776.71 (almost $800 bucks!) = $393

Other costs include: (For the trilogy)

  1. Editing Costs – $250-$275
  2. Copyright Fee – $35
  3. Barcode – $25
  4. One Last Character Illustration from Nicoy – $25
  5. Promotional Stuff – $60 or more
  6. Book Proof – $8 bucks with shipping/handling

Total = $403-$428

Did I mention I have some more camera gear I still need to buy, which costs up to $1,000 dollars. I’m going to have to decide and choose which one is more important, because I don’t have the funds to do both…


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