Twisted Faith Poem


You’re about to read a work in progress that I’ve written, folks. IT IS COPYRIGHTED. If I see this poem anywhere else, I will come after you. I swear it! And besides, this may later be revised.

It’s hidden beneath
a thinly, black veil
that you believe masks
you from idealism.

Your purity shattered,
in one strong, swift current.
Loosely wrapped,
the charade falls off
when you try to
reach out for strength.

Drifting in calm air,
floating away is your nobility.
It’s quick and fleeting
like your words.

Truth was never yours,
but deception is
your best friend.
Your convictions are
just vague, soft whispers,
broken and empty promises
you fantasize in
an everlasting,
static pool.

Your thoughts come
undone when the
tide shakes vehemently
at the door,
your sacred church.

One small rift
you wither,
tossing and turning
till you reach
the bottom,
where sand shifts
under your wobbly feet.

What’s left
in the storm
of your former self
is nothing
but a dark,
hollow shell.

This is what
you reveal to me.
You’re a killer
in the midst.

I’ve seen what
you really are,
your true form
cannot trick me.

Revolting impulses,
as desperate as flies
covering a decayed
package of ravaged meat.
Abnormal delusions
manifested into lustful intentions
of a different nature.

You claim your
one step
closer to divinity,
but your
one step closer
to the ungodly.

Don’t touch me
with those sickly hands.
Don’t kiss me
with those incestuous lips
that spread lies.

Keep away from me
you contorted soul.
your depravity is
so transparent,
insidiously creeping
into private spaces
in the dead of night.

Your laugh
is quivering
as your biased faith.
Your ruefulness is
a venomous serpent.
Your forked tongue
is two halves
of you.
One is more
dangerous than the other.

Stop calling me
little doll,
little lamb
left for
the slaughtering.
You treat me
like your
dear plaything.

Get your sickness
away from me.
You heartless spirit,
you shadow
from the depths
of the
darkest pit.
So thick and ghastly
your lecherous eyes,
blinded in a fog.

I’m not afraid
of your
malicious threats.

Not going back
to careless days
and tranquil dreams,
simulating death.

You think you
have a hold on me?

Don’t forget our
Heavenly Father,
who you devout
yourself to.
Remember, He sees
all and everything
you do.

For when the
time comes that
you shall rise
to a higher plane
of existence,
that rapture you call it,
your fall will be
so far from grace
you’ll never see
who fooled you.



2 thoughts on “Twisted Faith Poem

  1. Heey! Hope you still remember me! I haven\’t commented on your posts in many months… Just so you know, i read all of them, since I get them on my mail through my phone

    Now, onto the real comment: Being an amateur poet, I find this completely awesome! I love the aggresive atmosphere, the strength in the accusation, and how everything flows and connects! If this is still in progress, I\’d love to see the finished piece.


    • Thank you so much for reading my blog, hon! 😀

      I’m glad you liked the poem, despite the fact that it’s still in the very rough stages. At first I was a bit worried because it was longer than I expected. Hopefully, it was a quick read for you. Once I revise it some more, it should be a whole lot better and I may post it up again. Thanks for visiting my site! 🙂

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