Promoting A Book In A Promotion-Free Zone? What Does That Mean?


I went around my old university folks, trying to promote my book at the place I love so much and…

Was stopped by an old grumpy teacher who said that I was making a mess, putting small promotional cards on a few tables and that this was a promotion-free zone. By the way, the cards are like about 2″ x 3 1/2″ and don’t take up a lot of space or cause messes, since they were neatly organized in a pile but whatever. It’s not like I threw them in the air and let them fall all over the floor like confetti.

Okay?! So, now what?

Where can I go exactly to promote my book? What other places can I go that don’t have a promotion-free zone, besides the library and a few bookstores?  Do bookstores have a promotion-free zone? I have to check that out!

Luckily, the only good news about this situation is that I went in early and was able to promote my book to several other classroom buildings without a problem.

I’m really sneaky folks!

I know a lot of my promotional cards will probably never see the light of day, since many of them will just end up in the trash anyway…I still have half of them left, which I can keep for myself. The teacher did say I had to hand them out, but I believe I still need permission to do that from the university. Setting up a booth and handing out flyers is a whole other story. Anyway, we shall see later on in the future. Maybe someday I can go back there and set up a proper booth or stand. Today, I acted on a spontaneous moment (randomly going around town), even though I had been thinking about this for months or years now.  I’ll do some more research and see if I can find other places that aren’t so strict about promoting a book. We shall see how it goes. Wish me good luck folks!

So, God Speed my little babies! God Speed!  There are hundreds of you for now, but your life is short-lived. I pray and hope that someone finds you and gives you a nice home.


2 thoughts on “Promoting A Book In A Promotion-Free Zone? What Does That Mean?

  1. Good luck with your promotions. Sounds like a great idea-probably why they don’t want you doing it.;-) I put out a few cards at my favorite nat. foods store…can’t tell if they helped, but how does one know? All we can do is give it a shot! Enjoy the weekend.

    • That’s so true! We never really know unless we take a risk and go out there. I was taught that gorilla marketing works sometimes. The hardest thing about the process is waiting to find out. Some days we may be lucky and others not so much.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment! Good luck to you as well on promoting your book. 😀 Take care hon!

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