Update: Getting A Little Behind Here…Forgot To Mention Something!

I forgot to report in yesterday that I did go out to one of my colleges. At first I couldn’t even find a parking space at the visitor lot. As I was waiting for someone to come out, I didn’t know how long I would be there for. So, I called my father and asked him what I should do, whether I should go somewhere else or park on the grass. Big mistake by the way!

Anyway after that crazy argument, since apparently he was busy, I finally found a parking space after waiting there for 15-20 minutes. Thank goodness though. That campus was packed! If that person hadn’t come out of that parking space in front of me, I may have waited there all day, folks. The security guards would have to arrest me and drag me out, because I wasn’t going to just drive off and go back home due to not finding a stupid parking space. Believe me, traffic was insane. Nothing has changed at my campus, even though I haven’t been there for over six years now.

After that whole ordeal, I decided to go upstairs to find some answers at the Answer Center Office. I’m fortunate that I went there first, because there was a nice woman, who I spoke to. I asked her where I could get permission to promote my novel, since I used to be a former student here. She told me that Student Development may know more information.

Now, what’s interesting is she asked me a couple questions about my book and whether I had it with me. Luckily, I had brought in my best copy and showed it to her. Her reaction was surprisingly good. I handed it to her and she examined it. She loved the cover and as I was describing the story, she seemed very interested in the whole concept. I do remember her saying something around the lines that if she had only enough money saved up, she’d buy it. Since she had brighten up my day, I decided to give her the book for free. 

Let’s just say she was enthusiastic. She felt kind of bad, taking my only copy. But I told her it wasn’t a big deal and that I could always order more. I also gave her one of my business cards, so she would remember me by. She thanked me, but I really should have been thanking her. She was the one who made me feel  special in a way, like I wasn’t some wandering idiot that came in looking for directions. Anyhoo, I went to the Student Development Office and let’s just say I got the opposite reaction. I asked them if I could promote my book at the campus. They told me they couldn’t do that, because it’s got to be student related…meaning I have to be a student there, taking classes, and it’s a promotional free zone (like my other campus). I asked them why that was, especially since I had been a former student years ago. In my mind, I’m like “What if I was a bestselling author or a famous movie star or producer?”

The man I spoke to said if they helped me promote my book, then they’d have to do that for everyone else, which I understand…I guess.  It’s funny though, I’ve always wondered if I had been an author like Stephen King or someone famous like Spielberg. What if they had asked the college to promote their biggest Hollywood movie or bestselling book there, because they were a former student on campus… would they have treated me differently then? Is it the money and notoriety that these colleges only seem to care about? Why do they not care or seem invested about their own student’s goals… or even those who graduated years ago?

Almost every person who made it big or became a celebrity, started somewhere at the bottom. Just some food for thought.


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