Keeping Up With My Writing Schedule. Almost Didn’t Make It!

I was a bit behind my schedule, almost a day behind due to the inability to edit yesterday for some reason. I guess restlessness was getting to me, which is why I couldn’t keep still. Anyway, I edited 4 chapters today. I told myself to get it done and I did! I’ve also noticed that avoiding the distractions of my life such as certain things and drama seem to be helping me.

In fact, it helps me to write better. However, I did have a little spat with someone for some odd reason. I usually avoid people like that, who are always angry and bitter. I have to say that their anger fueled me to get with the program and start acting more serious about my work. At least I have plenty of friends who have been more than supportive in my efforts. They are helping me promote my novel. I don’t know of anyone else who would put their neck on the line for me as they do.

I can’t thank them enough really. However, I feel bad enough as it is. I need to keep looking for other places where I can freely promote my work. I’m not the type of person who lets others do all the work for me, so I’ll find some way around to doing more work and going out there more to get information. My reaction to Act 3 is actually going a lot better than I had anticipated. Not really worried too much about the first four chapters, because I’ve edited them many occasions before. I did tweak them, naturally, and I was able to remember them more clearly as each scene went along.


Kept me on the edge of my seat! Shockingly good in a surprising way.


I forgot how much time and research I put into this thing. It’s got some real facts to back it up! I just hope it’s not too much, but it’s still fascinating, nonetheless.


Short and sweet! No mayhem here.


Another happy little scene where nobody dies horribly.


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