I’m so excited folks! I’ve decided to work on a prequel to my new Science Fiction series, Outside Of The Unknown, which is loosely based on another story, Dream Vacation. I created a possible book cover for this series, but I’m not sure if I’ll use it though. Took me hours trying to fix the galaxy, but I read up on some of the online sources and it wasn’t too bad actually. I had another version of this years ago, and I still have it on my DA account (somewhere in storage) with just the three planets.

I’ll be working on my Nano profile today, fixing my synopsis. I may even post up a possible first chapter, despite the fact, it’s a rough draft. I don’t know how many books this series will be, but originally I had planned for only three (per planet). Now, it’s down to just two. Of course, this may change once I finish the first book. However, I’ve always wanted to do a prequel to this story, which will include many other side characters, other worlds, and histories. Each character/story are all connected to the main premise. I’ve got a lot of characters for this one, so it will probably be more challenging than some of my other novels. For this prequel, I’m only focusing on two protagonists.

Even though this book will be sci-fi, there is also romance/erotica, comedy, lots of action/adventure, and drama galore. I’ll be focusing on spiritual enlightenment, even some controversial religious themes too, dealing with Good vs. Evil, God, life on other planets, E.T. and humanity. Since this is an adult book, Outside of the Unknown may be a little dark, but not as dark as my first series, Nightmarish Reality. No warning or disclaimer as of yet… everything seems PG-13 at the moment, which is surprising because I thought I would’ve killed someone by now.

There are lighthearted moments, not to mention a few disturbing scenes with a lot of bloodshed and violence. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to call my prequel as of yet… although, I did start on this early. Due to me not containing all my excitement, I’ve already started writing a week in advance. I stopped myself though and took a few days of rest. In one week folks, I’ve already written 47-52 pages! And I’m only on Chapter 7. You know, 50K words is never enough. 😐 So, there’s a chance I might go over my word count, but I will go back and rewrite my chapters 1-7 again.

Oh, and don’t forget! If you’re participating in Nano and want a writing friend or challenger, please feel free to add me. My profile on the site is W.D.Lady.

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