Learning To Wait: Never Rush To Publish!

One day, inspiration hits you…

And it’s like BAM!


So, what do you do? You start writing it, of course. You can’t stop writing it and everyday you’re driven, like some mad person. This is your passion! It’s that itch you can never get rid of.  Reasons why you can’t stop…

I need to hurry. I want to finish this book before I die! No time to waste.

I’ll become a star because of this book. I’ll be the next bestseller. Stephen King can’t top this!

I’ll have adoring fans all across the world. Everyone will love me for this book! I’ll have a fanbase forever!

This book will make all my dreams come true. I’ll get a zillion dollar contract. I’ll have all the studios make my books into amazing films!

So, you publish your book, eager and excited to make it big.  What’s the reality?

You’re depressed, because you haven’t sold one copy. You haven’t got a fanbase either.  In fact, no one even knows who the hell you are… or even cares about your book. You haven’t gotten any raving calls from the movie studios. That means no films for you. So, what do you do next?

You wallow in self-pity and never write or publish another book again. Ever!

This is the harsh reality for many self-published writers out there. It’s not a fair market and it never will be. Just writing a book and publishing it can go both ways. I’ll say the odds against you are 99.99% while you probably have 1% of making it big. It’s rare for anyone to become a bestseller overnight. And even then, the status of gaining fame and attention… it doesn’t happen to everyone.

So, you’ve got that publishing bug, eh? You believe you have the next bestseller and you can’t wait to finish it. This scenario happens to every writer. Believe me! Or you have a book that goes in a possible niche market that’s never been fully used to its potential before. I found one just the other day. But I also discovered getting out there is not that easy as I originally thought.

So, what am I doing now? I’m writing my book, of course! But I’m also waiting too. All writers must know this: Patience is a virtue. Rushing to finish a book is just as bad as rushing to publish. The two go hand-in-hand. Don’t ever rush a book, especially if you haven’t done all your research yet.


  1. You can probably make a better outline or plan for your novel, if you just give yourself time to improve and learn. Writing a book in a month isn’t going to help you…maybe it will for some, but for others not so much.
  2. Research is key to developing a realistic novel. Reading everything on wikipedia isn’t going to be enough. You need lots of time to read, study, and take notes. This may take you weeks or months…sometimes even years. The more realistic your world and characters are, the better for you to relate to your audience.
  3. Give yourself time to step away. After you finish writing your novel or series, put it on the shelf and walk away. In a couple of months, go back to it and you’ll discover a load of mistakes you didn’t notice before. This gives you some insight on whether you should pursue publishing your novel or not. It’s a valid learning experience for you as well.
  4. Feedback is not going to happen overnight. Getting feedback and an editor is crucial to your success. Without enough eyes on the prize, how do you know everyone will like this book, especially in this niche market?
  5. Learning how to be patient. It’s not easy to wait for results and it’s not easy writing a book. Good books take time. Some may take you years while others, not so much. I mean, just look at Tolkien…he spent his entire life writing for decades or more. Even back then, he still didn’t think he was done finishing half of them.

So, there you go. I hope that helps some of you. When in doubt, don’t put it out. Thanks for reading!


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