Novel Ideas: Is There No Such Thing As Originality?

Why does this always happen to me? I go from comedy to pure horror in just a few chapters…now I’m wondering if my story idea isn’t original as I originally thought.  Makes sense, right? 😐

So, I’m working on my next biggest project right now called The Gunslinger Flash Renegade. I finally got a name for the title, since I didn’t want to keep saying it’s a prequel from Outside of the Unknown, which is a separate series all together. The whole premise and characters are loosely based off a script called Dream Vacation. I think I’ve mentioned this a hundred times now. Anyway, I just finished reading a wonderful manga that had very good characters and story, except it’s more a fantasy/adventure genre.

However, I did notice a few things that made me wonder if I shouldn’t even bother writing my novel, for some of the ideas were a bit surprising…and similar. I really thought I had something original (sort of). Of course, my story has bits and pieces of comedy and the manga I read doesn’t. In fact, it’s quite depressing. Although, there are some darker moments in my story as well; however, mine is more geared towards sci-fi and romance. I’m certainly going to have lots of action, blood, and gore as well.

There were a few things about this manga I didn’t like and that’s natural, even though it has a great story. Anyhoo, I’m inspired by many shows, art, manga, and so on. As an artist/writer I’m sure there are many other writers out there who have similar ideas based on their most favorite shows or what not. Is there really no more original ideas out there? It’s one thing to flat out plagiarize a story…*cough cough* twilight/50 shades of grey… but yeah, is borrowing ideas a good thing or a bad thing?

I know for a fact ideas cannot be copyrighted. But if you saw like a popular show on TV or a book that had some of the similar themes from your story, would you continue writing your story or would that prevent you from continuing onward. For example…we writers tend to get a little jealous sometimes of other writer’s fame or fortune, but would seeing these ideas which are all similar to yours make you be like  “Man, he/she had the exact same idea as me!” or “I should’ve finished this book ten-twenty years ago.” or “Darn it! Now, I have to scrap this book and come up with something different!”

I’m just curious… is there really nothing original anymore? 😐

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