A Little Ray Of Sunshine.

For a while folks, I’ve been out of it lately. Haven’t written much posts these days due to life and so on. I do write quite a bit, but who wants to read a post about writing every day?  I sure don’t!  So, I’ll spare you the torture.

Waiting Here...

Most days it’s like this for me…

I'm dead

Other days…

You get the picture!

So, some bit of good news. I have a possible job interview coming up soon. Don’t know when, but they’ll call me back to set up the dates. The phone interview I did yesterday went great by the way. All my credit card bills are nearly paid through, which is a wonderful thing! I finally have my car paid off for good. My medical insurance is finally in place, no more confusion––Thank you God! And I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I’ve never been so happy in my life. Yes, I’m being serious. Who thought a routine cleaning on the weekends would be so exciting. I know right!

I’m hoping that my persistence and good luck continues just a little longer. My writing is going steady… slow as ever, but I still do a little whenever I get the chance. I’ve reached past the 500 mark… I have a lot of plans for this series, so I’m working very hard to do research right now. So far, it looks like I have a writing disorder, which I looked up by the way. It’s a real condition. It’s called Hypergraphia! Which is the overwhelming urge to write! However, my condition is somewhat less severe, because there are days (really bad days!) when I just don’t want to write a damn thing. I may have another epic series with the same symptoms of Too Many Ideas It’ll Need 18 Books To Finish Syndrome. Oh well…



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