Been Out Cold For 12 Hours or More…

black circles under my eyes...

This is me folks… for four days straight I worked the hardest of my life. One day from opening until closing! Standing for six hours or more at one point.


This is me when my sister said, “Welcome To The Real Working World!  You wanna hear what I did today?”


This was me when I got home. I could barely even walk, because I was so sore.  I also had errands to do that day as well.

I'm dead

This is me now…

Passed outBeing out cold for that long can seriously bring out some coma-induced dreams to anyone. I had the weirdest dreams last night. Can’t remember them for the life of me now, but that’s all right. In fact, it was the deepest sleep I ever had. I don’t know what I’ll do today exactly. I want to rest up a bit and catch up on some writing. Don’t want to overload myself though. Got enough stress/problems as it is. I’ve gotten a few more ideas for my project that I want to use. My preface chapter has gotten longer, which is no big surprise to me.  I don’t know why I keep adding more to it. I feel stuck, trying to describe as much detail as possible. And yet, I know I can go overboard with the descriptions. I just want to add more realism to the story, without sacrificing the story or plot.

I so want to finish this project soon, but working right now is more important. I still have bills to pay and I’m barely saving much at all for myself. Once I get my paycheck it goes straight to my bills. Just bills, bills, bills! Anyway, no more sleeping for me today. I think I’ve done enough of that. I can’t wait for tomorrow and the new Walking Dead episode. I think that’s the only reason why I’m still alive.


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