Season 3 of The Walking Dead Over?! Already?


Really?!  I have to wait until October to see what happens to the Governor?

Mad as hell

Andrea is dead! I saw that one coming a mile away. Less talking and more action could’ve saved your ass, girl! Couldn’t you have multitasked with the pliers? 

Hero Time!

Michonne, it’s time to get yourself some revenge on a platter served cold with the Governor’s head on it.

Finally done!

Carl, you’re becoming a little badass. The kid’s growing up so fast.


Also, AMC could you next time have less commercials and more two-hour shows of the Walking Dead instead…



2 thoughts on “Season 3 of The Walking Dead Over?! Already?

  1. So totally agree with you on every point. Andrea could have survived with less meaningful looks and jibber jabber and more working the pliers. Frustrating.

    • I know right! I was actually yelling at my TV, because she kept on talking to Milton. Milton even told her to “Hurry up!”

      She waited until the last minute, but her death was no surprise to me though. She did make a lot of horrible mistakes, especially when everyone told her that the Governor was dangerous… It took her awhile to believe them. I loved her sometimes in the early seasons, but then at other times I hated her too. =/ Oh well. Now, Michonne can use her death as motivation for revenge when they go after the Governor. I hope she kills the Governor, I really do! ;p

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