Amazon Changed My Book Price? But Why?


I took a look at my book on Amazon today and was surprised that they dropped the price from $9.99 to $7.78.  Is that normal? I don’t mind a lower price, because that’s what I wanted from the start… but they didn’t ask my permission to change it.

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Does this mean I’m not selling enough books that they lower it to get more people to buy it? Like supply and demand? Or does this mean I get lower royalties now? Or does the same apply like before when I had $9.99? I will have to call them and see what’s up with that.


For those of you still thinking of buying my book, it’s now $7.78. If I find out that my royalties are still the same or if people are happy with that price, I certainly won’t change it any time soon. In the future it may go lower, depending on how Amazon runs their business. I had originally wanted my book to be $5 bucks, but couldn’t do it since Createspace would have given me a $-2.14. I have no idea what will happen in the near future…



3 thoughts on “Amazon Changed My Book Price? But Why?

  1. That’s really weird. I’ve never had any dealings with book sales before so I have no advice. Wish I did. Hopefully everything is alright. I know I was telling a friend about your book just last night, too.

    • At first I thought that the price was lowered for the Prime Membership that Amazon offers to its members, but when I attempted to order a copy of my book the price remained at the low end. I don’t mind a lower price, but I don’t want my book or ebook going up and down without me knowing about it. So yeah, it’s really strange they would be doing this. I did contact them though. I’ve got to wait and see what they say. 😀 They’ll either contact me by email or phone.

      Hopefully, everything will work out in the end. And thanks hon for all the support. 🙂

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