New Pen Name For Fantasy Series?


I’m thinking of changing my old pen name for a fantasy series I’ve had lined up in the future…oh, say ten years from now. However, I’ve realized for quite some time that even though I love it so much, both names have very negative meanings. First one means “blind” and the other means “lame.”

Can't get up!

Why, oh why did I not realize this sooner, like several years ago?  I wonder if I should just stick to W.D. Lady? Does it even matter if I switch genres? For example: Horror to Comedy/Fantasy with some religious elements.  Actually, I take that back because I do have horror elements even in my light fantasy stories.  


The more extreme example of this is Anne Rice going 180 degrees: from vampires to now writing about books with angels in them. Do people really care about that? Did she lose her fanbase, because of such a dramatic switch from Sleeping Beauty’s erotica novel to the story of Jesus Christ?

Enough! I seriously don’t want to make another author’s page on Amazon (nor deceive people about my intentions), even though I have one here on wordpress. Can an author do both: Horror & Christian? When was the last time I even updated that thing? Maybe I’ll get back and reopen The Legendary Girl site and I Love to Direct much later down the road, like maybe another ten to twenty years?

Or whenever I’m able to get all my bills paid off and my stuff reorganized… I spent so much money on my glasses, because I didn’t have insurance for eye care. God, it sucks. But I needed a good pair, since these keep falling off me. I hope this kind of investment is worth it. Still need to get my editing equipment and maybe a second job, since I’m not getting enough money at work. 

Sad...  I seriously hate not being able to create and upload more independent videos on youtube… I wish I had more help too… I feel so alone sometimes. Wish I had a crew member or someone passionate enough to collaborate ideas with. We’d travel to exotic scouting destinations, hire some actors, write scripts together, and so on. I hate doing everything myself, even though I like being an independent woman: writing, directing, and the works. However, it’s good to have a second opinion sometimes. Two minds are usually better than one.

Hero Time!

Looks like I’ll be going it alone from here on in…




4 thoughts on “New Pen Name For Fantasy Series?

  1. I’d gladly help you with the vids but I’m far away. Sad face. As for the name, does it really matter? I don’t think Rice lost fans. I think she gained them. Her vampire things were graphic from what I hear so the erotic element was still there she just made it more of a focus probably. She’s also been doing this for years as a professional. You might want to wait on thinking about the name and genre switch. It’ll be less of a headache for you.

    • True, she’s got more experience and it was her near life and death experience that made her want to write about angels now. However, her vampire and erotica books are right beside her Christian books, which I find most interesting.

      I won’t be changing my pen name, especially not now… not until I’ve got 50-100 books or so under this pen name. 😀 I don’t want to switch my genre, but I usually write a little bit of everything though. All my books have blended genres, so I don’t really stick to one genre like say horror or suspense.

      I’ll wait and see what happens. I’m not ready to publish my fantasy series as of yet. That’s much much later down the line. By the time I’m sixty I’ll probably change my pen name. It just depends on how things go and all that.

      • Haha! To me, nothing’s forever away. I need to hurry up and get my books finished before I die. 😛 Time goes by very fast!

        Right now it’s kind of slow, but it’ll pick up soon one day… I hope. 🙂 I will try to think positive and keep on writing.

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