Sad Amazon… Just Sad!


It’s 2:45 a.m. and I can’t go back to sleep.


So, I decided to check out Createspace and see what their royalties would be on Amazon if I decided to publish a short novel of around 327 pages.

A Slap In The Face...

Amazon, are you kidding me?  I can’t even get my book in the $5 dollar range, without a negative number… which reminds me of a story of how I called a Createspace Rep and got the same answer for Nightmarish Reality. 


If I sold a book of 327 pages for $8 dollars exactly, I’ll be making 2 cents. That’s right! Two pennies!

I'm hit!

Thanks a lot Amazon for caring about self-published writers. Thanks a bunch for keeping those prices high and then when I publish the book, you change the price whenever you feel like. 😐




2 thoughts on “Sad Amazon… Just Sad!

  1. Yeah, true. But that’s usually how it is these days. Even the traditional route the author gets less than 10%. I have better chances with the ebook to tell you the truth. More royalities and more freedom of a lower price too.

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