Spring Cleaning… It’s About Time Too!

I’ve got two days to do something constructive with my life… I hope. 

Spring Cleaning!

So, I’ll be cleaning up my room, clearing out the clutter of ideas, and maybe cleaning my car as well.


I’ve been working really hard at work and I’m almost there. Got one more bill to pay off this month and that’s it.


Going to try to get some writing, rewriting, or some editing done. I’m still at a loss for my new project. Can’t decide how I’m going to do this. I may just take a break from it (a long long hiatus) and try to finish something else. 

Don't hurt me!

That reminds me… my sequel may be too long… it’s like 452 pages.  How I’m going to tackle it is another can of worms.

To cut it at 350 or 400 seems too difficult for me. I want to tell as much of the story as I can in as little books as possible.  I know for a fact that it will end in a cliffhanger, because it’s part of a series. I’m really wondering where and how to end it, without making people upset or feeling cheated. One complaint I’ve had about the first book was it wasn’t long enough, which is a wonderful compliment for me. 😀

Going to try my best to get my sequel edited soon. I’m also thinking about the paperback’s book price, including the kindle ebook.  Especially, the first ebook. I’m debating on whether I should lower the price.  Something in my new project is keeping me disconnected. It could be because I’m too stressed out. The controversial issues are not light nor fluffy. I keep wondering if I should write a story that I might actually enjoy writing. LOL xD! Wow! That’s saying something, right? I love to write. I seriously do, but maybe my stories can be at times depressing. Why? I don’t really know. It’s not like I’m living this horrible life in poverty that I reflect a certain stigma. It’s not like I have a negative attitude towards everyone.

All the world's a stage

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Am I making things (or topics) too hard or too dark or too challenging… putting all my efforts into a story that’s emotionally draining, both physically and mentally? My sister keeps telling me I should write teen fiction or children’s stories instead…

Hero Time!


In real life, I’m very upbeat and positive about life. But I have struggled with depression and other issues in the past that can happen to anyone really.  Will my stories someday not be so depressing? Probably. I do have a cute, little comedy series I really want to work on. But maybe that will be much later in the future. I do have funny stories, such as Dream Vacation, which is a slapstick comedy. My epic fantasy series, Legendary is also kind of light and funny at times. Even Flash Renegade is funny at times, even though it’s involved around tragedy.

Maybe in a way, all my stories are Tragicomedies or Dramedy. I’m the type that can cry while watching any Disney movie (For example, The Lion King: Simba’s dad dying in a stampede. The Fox and The Hound: best friends having to go their separate ways). I can find things easily disturbing just like the next person, and yet I write about the dark side of humanity all the freaking time, sometimes even crying in my sleep. I know, it’s pathetic. 😦 I even find satire in many of The End of the World movies, including death and violence regardless of what happens… even when I’m watching horror flicks. Call me strange, but maybe I’m just morbid? Yes, that’s a question mark at the end of that sentence. 😐 I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve seen so many things in my childhood at a young age that I’m surprised I’m not in the nut house by now.

Black comedy happens to be one of my favorites. In addition, I used to watch a lot of horror movies with my sister as well, even though I’m not a big watcher of slasher films. Some of them I find downright degrading to the female characters. Many female characters just have big boobs and run around… either they trip up, or get brutally raped, or killed, or all of the above. That’ll be another topic I need to discuss about. Why did I stop watching horror movies? All the Not all of them, but the majority of serial killers are either white or male or both. By the way, I did forget to mention horror/fantasy flicks with evil, creepy little girls in them, including Japanese horror (manga, movies, and games), which have some of the best horror compared to American standards. But I digress…

The only thing I’ve watched recently that comes close to horror is American Horror Story: Asylum. Only watched it during a marathon. I have to say that TV show kept me hooked and interested in all the characters, especially the female ones longer than any other horror movie in history. It’s a lot better scripted than I originally thought, which is funny ’cause I never saw the first season and I never had any interests in watching it when it first aired either.


  1. Clean my room.
  2. Clean my car.
  3. Pay my last credit card bill.
  4. Start editing.

Seems simple enough, right?


Watch me screw this up somehow… 


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