Book Is Done For Now!


Flash Renegade Book 1 is finally done!  It’s written and that’s it. I really need to take a break!


Let me tell you right now, it wasn’t easy writing/working with this first draft. So many things went wrong and I had so many ideas that I just had to take them all out and keep things very simple. There is no way I could keep my sanity with a 500 page novel. So, I kept it short as an intro to the characters/storyline. The next book will be much longer and have a lot more action. However, I will probably stick to one tense or POV throughout. 


My hands are in so much pain at the moment. Formatting a book and constantly going back to change tenses (not only past to present, but POVs as well) is a bee-otch! I kept on doubting myself, but I’m somewhat satisfied with the results for now. 


Will that change when I go back to revise the first draft? Maybe… but I will start writing Book 2 and completing the necessary parts. It might be a lot easier to transition over to the sequel. Once again, it ends with a cliffhanger––I hate to say it folks, but I don’t feel comfortable making books with so many pages. The longer the book, the higher the price tag when I self-publish it.


Only in kindle could I get away with having a big book to sell for $2.99. But do people like reading 500-600 page novels nowadays?  My motto has always been “Keep it short, simple, and sweet!”



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