I’m Free At Last! But Not From Everything Else…

Happy Dance!

I have paid off my last credit card bill. It’s finally over folks! I’m free!

I'm dead

As of now, I’m completely D.E.A.D. I’ve worked my butt off these past months and I could really use a vacation right about now. I’m so exhausted…


Work just eats up all of my time. Trying to find a day to write is like trying to find The Holy Grail. Bad idea by the way!

Can't get up!

Still going through some life issues at the moment. Can’t get into it. In a year, when it’s all over, maybe I’ll tell you.


I’ve decided to make Flash Renegade, the first book, even longer. The cliffhanger scene was too much for me to handle. Not to mention, I have a glossary of wacky and diabolical words. The interior design is coming along nicely, but I’m trying to see if I can come to a nice conclusion in 36 more pages. Only 36! Aiming for 410. Can I do it, folks? I don’t have the faintest idea.

I surrender!

I think this book will be borderline offensive to some… if not… many people. And to think this started off as a joke back in college. I have to say it was someone’s (mostly lots of people’s) snarky remarks that made this all possible. It struck a nerve with me and till this day I keep thinking back to it, which is why this series has stuck so strongly with me. Actually, I have to say it probably started before that. In high school, it was just an idea, still developing. Now, I know what I must do. People may think I’m a misanthropist after reading this book. Now that I’m older… I’d like to think that I’m wiser.  I would like to handle this at a certain maturity level. Either that or I’m something else. Sometimes, I scare myself.

Hero Time!

I think it’s too late for me to turn back on this series now and change it into something different, into something it’s not. Light and fluffy isn’t going to cut it. Skimming or glossing over through controversial topics isn’t going to make things any easier. Sometimes, I feel like I’m being preachy, but then I realize that isn’t me––it’s the characters and how they deal with their issues in their own private ways.

I’ve decided to take a risk––like always. In fact, I actually don’t care what people think. People can choose to read it or not. Glad I have a disclaimer at the front page! After all it is fantasy. Don’t care if people will eventually threaten me or what not. Flash Renegade is what it is. Do I think my idea is original? Yes, I do in some ways. Story-wise it’s not like any other. The topic isn’t anything new. But I know for a fact it’s something never really fully realized or attempted in such a complex fashion as this, and that’s a fact. Flash Renegade starts off simple enough, but it’s anything but simple.

With so much riding on it (politics, world-building, history, etc) the only thing I’m concerned about is… will I be able to finish all 19 books? 😐


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