Breaking News! Is The Walking Dead Getting Lost?

A Slap In The Face...

I’ll probably get slapped in the face for this one, but I just had to say it.

Is The Walking Dead getting lost in thought or should I dare say it––boring?’


Serious spoilers, folks! Last two episodes have been a huge letdown. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed with the whole Governor side story. I really am! I wouldn’t mind a flashback to his past life and seeing how things went down for him… but did we really need to see him get a new family and kill a bunch of new guys we didn’t even care about? Maybe if they had shown him with his older brother and killing him, then that would be something. Would’ve been better drama, that’s for sure!



Can we please get back to the prison with more interesting characters that we love so much… like Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne?

And another thing…


There’s just one more episode left? Are you kidding me? So, that means I have to wait next year until you guys bring out the 5th season. What am I going to watch until then? Seriously!

Oh, another important one I almost forgot.


AMC could you like stop with the 10-15 minute commercials?  There’s like 2-5 minutes of the show and like the rest is TV ad garbage. Yes, I know you need to make a living too.

There’s one tiny thing as well…


Can you seriously make the episodes like two hours long this time and with less filler?

Before I go and all…


The editing on that episode yesterday was bad. Like really bad. I mean, I even got confused during some parts. Like how those people at that other camp died, without the Governor and the two other dudes (can’t remember their names) not knowing about it. I think if someone was using shotguns with real bullets, I’m sure they would’ve heard it since they were like not even two blocks away. Also, the mud zombies was not impressive one bit.

And then, we cut to them back at the RV camp… ah, did I miss something? Was there like no other way they could like… go around?! You know like in a circle. Was this quicksand covering the whole freaking forest too? Was it so hard for the Governor and the women to get out of the car and hike the rest of the way out of there? I’m so confused.

Let’s change the subject. Shall we?


I’m having issues with the sequel of Nightmarish Reality. Wow, isn’t that surprising. 😐 Nothing new there! I want to add new characters, but I really feel like if I keep the books shorter and at a lower price, it’ll seriously keep my sanity in check. On the other hand, the thought of having 6 books in total is driving me off the wall. Yes, I want readers to not have to suffer through it. I hate the thought of dragging it on and on… by the way, rambling is pointless. The less I do it, the better.

Amazon is not giving me much of a choice here. If it’s 450-500 pages, it’ll have to be $10-$11.99 and my royalties drop significantly. Although, I’ve thought of keeping it around 452 pages and $11.99 wouldn’t be too bad, since I’d be making a little bit more (not by much) than the first book. Decisions, decisions! Do I feel like I deserve that extra 5 cents? I don’t know.

I would love to have all my books at $9.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the e-books all the way. I’ve cut the sequel, due to some scenes I want to leave out. I want to put them into book three. Trying not to put all my eggs in one basket.

So now, the sequel’s too short, and I need at least 50 more pages to complete the necessary details. Will adding these new characters change the dynamics of the story? Possibly. But at least Zander will not be the only character with… you know… I also wanted to add more female characters in the book, seeing as this world only has very little of them. Which is bad. I’m even doing a Bechdel Test over it, where I have two female characters, who talk about something other than a man. And I think I failed in that department. Big time!



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