The Case of The Dreaded Writer’s Block!

Can't get up!

It looks like I have it, folks.

OMG!The case of the Dreaded Mondays––I mean, Dreaded Writer’s Block!

Is there no end to this madness?

StressThis week has been rough and I’ve only got one day off to myself. JUST ONE! I’m seriously behind in my writing––again! Nothing new there. No big surprise. I’m writing this post, so I can help myself––help my stressed out mind. I’m at the point of having a brain malfunction.



I’ve just had so much on my plate right now. Just work, work, work! That’s all I do everyday.

I do look forward to my paycheck… but that’s all I really look forward to in the day and in the upcoming weeks. Gotta save like crazy. Won’t be doing any Christmas shopping this year. Then again, I didn’t do any shopping last year either. Too expensive! I’m so broke like all the time now. On a tight budget as of now and it’s hard to keep it that way. Can’t overspend and I have to be wise about where I’m putting my money into. Most times, I ask myself questions such as Do I need it? Can I live without it?” and so on.

I do like some of the people at work, but the days just seem to drag on. I find myself kind of lost in thought at certain times of the day. I’d love to write, but my mind is just not there. Also, the Christmas music is getting a bit annoying, especially when you hear it all day long. It’s quite funny how I can remember every songs’ lyrics or which ones will be played next, and yet I have no idea who sings half of them.

Tomorrow, my To-Do List consists of a few simple tasks…

  1. Going to the bank
  2. Getting groceries
  3. Writing/editing
  4. Getting enough sleep

Then, the following day after, I’ll be right back to working again. All week! Literally… I have no time for myself nowadays it seems. I’m too physically and mentally exhausted. I seriously need to go back to exercising, but by the time I come home I’m sitting on the couch or sitting in my chair, daydreaming…

Trying to listen to other songs tonight. Music inspires me so. I hope it helps… 😐 Don’t know if I’ll go to the movie theaters to see the new Hobbit movie. I saw the movie trailer for Godzilla and I’m excited about it for once. Don’t know what to expect. I’ll try not to have high expectations… *cough cough* looks like Pacific Rim, except with good vs. bad giant, battling monsters. *cough cough*

Passed out

I really want to finish the sequel to NR, and yet it’s so time consuming. All I want to do is sleep… but when I do fall asleep, guess what I dream about? Work, obviously. So I still get no rest, even in my dreams. No deep sleep either. Just too restless and I think way too much.

That’s it for me. Over and out…

So very tired!!

3 thoughts on “The Case of The Dreaded Writer’s Block!

  1. Writer’s Block affects (effects?) all of us sooner or later. People can try to deny it, but they’re just fooling themselves. It exists, it happens, we move on. For me, it’s as simple as writing a to-do list and then I’m wanting to write more and more and my to-do becomes detailed because my to-do list always has something novel related on it. >.>’

    Take a break from your novel. That might help. It’s also one of the tips I’ve seen multiple times.

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